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NIGHTWISH is currently in the process of recording their tenth studio album, set for release in 2024

Yesterday (August 6), the NIGHTWISH social media platform shared an exciting update, featuring a picture of Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards) and Kai Hahto (drums) in the studio. Accompanying the image was the message: “Recording album 10 is underway!”

Holopainen previously confirmed that the band’s upcoming follow-up to 2020’s “Human. :II: Nature.” will be the third part of a trilogy which began with 2015’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album. He told Metal Hammer last December: “I immediately knew after getting that album [‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’] done that, ‘Okay, we have to do more songs about this, because there’s so much more to explore and tell the world. We’re not done with this.’ And the same thing happened after ‘Human. :II: Nature.’; we’re still not done. So let’s do one more. At least one more.

“In a way, [the next album] is the third part of a trilogy, which started with ‘Endless Forms…’ and then ‘Human. :II: Nature.’ There are some major surprises there again, but it feels like a natural continuation to ‘Human. :II: Nature.’

According to TuomasNIGHTWISH‘s next record will cover previously uncharted ground while continuing in the more cinematic style that has characterized some of the band’s recent efforts..

“The wonderful thing is that we have had the demo [of the album] done since last spring. So it’s been done for six months now. We really have all the time in the world to go through it all, and we have had a such great time with the band, just listening to the demo in our hotel rooms — me singing the lyrics and the melodies to Floor [Jansen, vocals]. She’s recording them and then she’s seeing them and throwing ideas to each other.”

In April 2020, the highly anticipated album “Human. :II: Nature.” was released, marking the follow-up to NIGHTWISH‘s 2015 masterpiece “Endless Forms Most Beautiful.” This new offering proved to be a double album, boasting nine captivating tracks on the main CD and an epic, multi-chaptered composition on CD 2.

During August 2022, NIGHTWISH made an exciting announcement, welcoming Jukka Koskinen from WINTERSUN as an official member of the band. Koskinen had previously joined the group as a session musician and had his live debut with NIGHTWISH in May 2021 during the band’s two interactive experiences. Now, he had officially become an integral part of the ensemble, adding his talent and energy to their music.

In November 2022, there was some uplifting news from the NIGHTWISH camp as singer Floor Jansen revealed that she had triumphed over breast cancer. After undergoing surgery to remove a tumor, she happily announced that she was “cancer-free.” This news brought a sense of relief and joy to fans around the world.

The past March brought another reason for celebration as Floor Jansen and SABATON drummer Hannes Van Dahl shared the joyous news that they were expecting their second child. Already parents to a lovely six-year-old daughter named Freja, the couple eagerly anticipated the new addition to their family.

Despite their incredible success and the thrill of a forthcoming studio album, NIGHTWISH surprised their fans in April with the announcement that they would be taking a break from touring. The decision was purely personal and unrelated to Floor‘s pregnancy or individual projects. The band members emphasized their enduring love for working together and assured fans that this hiatus was essential for the wellbeing and future of the band. However, they promised an exciting musical journey in 2024, with a brand-new album featuring 12 fresh songs and three accompanying music videos. The enthusiasm and anticipation for this upcoming release were indescribable as the band embarked on this next chapter of their musical odyssey.