This week’s edition of THE LOADED RADIO PODCAST features FROM ASHES TO NEW singer Danny Case

FROM ASHES TO NEW hail from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with musician Matt Brandyberry being the founding and sole constant member of the group. The band has released three studio albums, being “Day One” (2016), “The Future” (2018), and “Panic” (2020). 

FROM ASHES TO NEW recently delivered an intense and captivating new single “Nightmare,” taken from their upcoming as-yet-titled fourth studio album which is due this summer via Better Noise Music. “Nightmare” masterfully showcases the dual vocal abilities of Brandyberry and singer Danny Case in contrasting heavy rock anthemic choruses with nu-metal/rap rock verses. 

“Betrayal by someone we trust happens to the best of us,” says Case. “We befriend someone, let them in, build a connection and then all of a sudden they turn into someone unrecognizable. Someone you once trusted and cared for so deeply is now a backstabbing enemy. In a heartbeat, the person you once thought you knew is now gone. There aren’t many things in life that cut quite as deep as betrayal. Erasing that person from your life and moving forward is the only way to wake up from the nightmare.”

In the interview, Danny talks about the upcoming album, how he was brought into the band, appearing in a horror movie and much more.

Also, host Scott Penfold discusses the recent reunion between MEGADETH and former guitarist Marty Friedman which recently took place in Tokyo, Japan. Fans of the “Rust In Peace” era of the band were definitely looking forward to Marty’s appearance and Dave Mustaine and comany definitely delivered at the legendary Budokan which streamed worldwide.

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