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Video: Drummer Turns METALLICA’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ Into A Brutal Death Metal Track With Crushing Blast Beats

Amidst the resurgence of the song’s popularity, an online streamer has added blast beats to METALLICA’s “Master Of Puppets”…and it sounds awesome. Youtuber and Twitch streamer Samus (@66samus), has added some blistering blast beats and a quickened tempo to the METALLICA tune which actually really works in a brutal way. You can check it out...


Amazon Mistakenly Uses STEEL PANTHER Band Photo For MÖTLEY CRÜE Documentary

It seems that somebody at Amazon either doesn’t know the difference between MÖTLEY CRÜE and STEEL PANTHER or is deliberately making a pretty hilarious statement. Amazon is currently using what appears to be a band pic of glam-metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER to promote the upcoming documentary “Rock n’ Roll Icon: Motley Crue“. And mistake or...


CHRIS BARNES Says ‘Dimebag’ And Vinnie Paul Would Be Rolling Over In Their Graves About PANTERA ‘Reunion’

Former CANNIBAL CORPSE and current SIX FEET UNDER vocalist Chris Barnes has weighed in with his two cents on next years PANTERA “reunion” tour. It was just announced this week that surviving PANTERA members Phil Anselmo (vocals) and bassist Rex Brown would be joined by guitarist Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer...


MESHUGGAH’s TOMAS HAAKE Hates Playing The Song ‘Bleed’ Live

You can’t deny MESHUGGAH‘s “Bleed” is one of the band’s most recognized songs, being it’s second most-played live song behind “Future Breed Machine.” In a recent talk with Metal Injection, Haake was asked what 30 seconds of MESHUGGAH‘s music would he consider to be the “ultimate teaser”. Haake said: “In a sense, that would have...

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