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VOIVOD drummer Michel “Away” Langevin and RAVEN frontman John Gallagher join us on this week’s Loaded Radio Podcast

This week’s edition of THE LOADED RADIO PODCAST features two veterans within the genre of heavy metal. Michel “Away” Langevin from Canadian experimental thrashers VOIVOD as well as frontman John Gallagher from New Wave Of British Heavy Metal icons RAVEN.

In 2023, VOIVOD are commemorating their remarkable 40-year journey with a momentous milestone: the release of the special anniversary studio album titled “Morgöth Tales,” which arrived on July 21 through Century Media Records. This album, once again recorded and mixed by Francis Perron at RadicArt Studio, mastered by Maor Appelbaum, and produced by VOIVOD themselves, showcases a captivating collection of fresh studio re-recordings. The band’s current lineup carefully handpicked these selections, delving into their extensive and diverse musical catalog from 1984 to 2003. Additionally, “Morgöth Tales” features an all-new song and the eponymous title track, adding another layer of excitement.

Hailing from Jonquière, Québec, VOIVOD is a prominent Canadian heavy metal band. Over the years, their musical style has undergone various transformations since their formation in the early 1980s. Initially rooted in speed metal, VOIVOD incorporated elements of progressive metal and thrash metal, forging a distinct and innovative metal sound. They are widely recognized as one of the “big four” Canadian thrash metal bands, alongside SACRIFICE, RAZOR, and ANNIHILATOR. Throughout their illustrious career, VOIVOD has attained significant influence and acclaim, making them one of the most revered metal bands from the 1980s. Their impact has transcended boundaries, garnering praise and inspiring numerous bands across a wide array of genres.

The second portion of the show features a talk with John Gallagher from RAVEN who have their new studio album “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” available now.

RAVEN demonstrated incredible productivity from the early ’80s to the late ’90s, consistently delivering a new album every year or two. Following a hiatus that lasted a decade, they resumed releasing fresh material in 2010. Their latest offering, titled “All Hell’s Breaking Loose,” proudly stands as their fifteenth studio album.

The foundation of RAVEN has always rested upon the talented Gallagher brothers: John on vocals and bass, and Mark on guitar. Throughout their journey, the band has seen several drummers come and go, but since 2018, they have been accompanied by the skilled Mike Heller (known for his work with FEAR FACTORY and MALIGNANCY). Heller‘s presence on board marks his second album collaboration with RAVEN, with “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” being recorded at his studio in Los Angeles.

In 2023, RAVEN‘s musical direction remains faithful to the path they carved during the glorious era of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). However, they harness their decades of experience and combine it with modern production techniques when crafting the songs that adorn “All Hell’s Breaking Loose.” This fusion allows them to uphold their musical roots while embracing the advancements of the present day.

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