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Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach and STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet have ended their feud

The whole thing started back in November of 2016 when Sweet posted a video on Facebook of then-16-year-old singer Moriah Formica performing the SKID ROW song “I Remember You“. Michael also included a caption which read: “Moriah Formica kills this and in my humble opinion, smokes the original singer.” On top of that, Sweet also called Sebastian a “tool” in the comments section.

Sebastian soon replied via his official Twitter page, posting: “Michael Sweet has a big fucking mouth. Behind a keyboard that is. Can’t wait to see this pussy in person again someday.”

During the October 2017 “Bowl For Ronnie” event, Bach was asked by “The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show” about his feud with the STRYPER frontman. He said: “All I know is that when I see a headline on Blabbermouth and it says, ‘Bach Slams ‘Pussy’ Sweet,’ you’ve just kind of gotta do a double take on that one.”

When asked if he likes Sweet on a personal level, Sebastian replied: “I don’t, actually. I think STRYPER sucks. I’ve always thought that — since I was a little kid. I think their songs suck, I think their fucking clothes suck. Should I go on? What are they gonna [do] — whip a Bible at me? [Laughs]”

Bach continued, after clarifying his dislike for the band had nothing to do with their openly Christian stance: “I think they just make bad records. And I don’t think they ever did make good records.”

Sweet released a statement in the fall of 2016 addressing Sebastian’s comments, saying that “anyone who knows me knows that I express my opinion and I’m more than willing to back it up. I do my best to be honest yet not to be mean-spirited or destructive. I’m also no pussy. Obviously, Sebastian doesn’t know me, because if he did, he’d know that as fact.”

He added: “Unfortunately, I think because I’m a Christian, some people think that I’m supposed to ‘turn the other cheek’ and let people say and do whatever they want. I guess the ‘pussy’ in me won’t let me do that.”

Well as it turns out, Michael and Sebastian finally did come face to face at this year’s edition of the Kiss Kruise which featured STRYPER and Bach on the bill. After being brought together by Metal Edge‘s Paul Gargano, Bach and Sweet talked it out privately, and later hit the stage together to perform KISS‘s version of “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You” and VAN HALEN‘s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love“.

Bach told the audience: “In the spirit of rock and roll music… We’ve only got one life. We’re lucky to be here. From our Lord Jesus, God, I’m being totally serious right now… Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome to the stage Mr. Michael Sweet of STRYPER. Rock ‘n’ roll brings us together; that’s what rock and roll does. Let’s hear it right now… Life is too short.”

After performing live together, Michael and Sebastian spoke with Gargano and relayed what had transpired. Regarding how the feud started, Bach said: “The Internet happened. Every single headline is, this guy said this about this guy, this guy said this about this guy. It’s not about the new record, it’s not about the new video. It’s about this guy called this guy a name. And everybody reads shit about themselves online that they don’t like, and then they say something back. So it never ends.”

Sweet added: “You know, one thing said is maybe misconstrued or misunderstood, and another thing is said in retaliation, and then it heats up and people start fueling the fire and it just becomes a nightmare. That’s what happened. And it went on for a long time and today was the day that we put all that aside, buried the hatchet and said, ‘This is stupid.’ “

“Life is too short,” Sebastian reiterated. “I don’t wanna fight with anybody. There’s enough rotten shit in the world. We don’t need rock and roll to piss us off. Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be fun.”

Michael later posted a photo of him and Sebastian hugging it out to his Instagram account, including the caption: “One of the best moments of my life. Forgiveness. When you can forgive, you can do anything. Brothers… Thank you @kisskruiseofficial and thank you @paulgargano”.