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JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford recently shared some sidestage video footage of PANTERA performing the song “5 Minutes Alone” on December 15 at Vibra in São Paulo, Brazil

The show was co-headlined by JUDAS PRIEST and was also PANTERA‘s third concert without bassist Rex Brown, who is recovering from a mild strain of COVID-19. CATTLE DECAPITATION bassist Derek Engemann, who also plays with PANTERA singer Phil Anselmo in both PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS and SCOUR, has been filling in.

On December 12, Rex released the following statement via PANTERA‘s official social media: “I caught a very mild strain of Covid, but because of our own protocols, I simply do not wanna risk getting my brothers or the crew sick!! I’m feeling better & am on my way to a speedy recovery. Merry Fckn Christmas & see you all next year!”

Halford discussed the announcement of surviving PANTERA members Phil Anselmo (vocals) and Rex Brown (bass) hitting the road with guitarist Zakk Wylde (OZZY OSBOURNE, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and drummer Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX) under the PANTERA name in a recent talk with Loudwire. He said: “I put a picture of me and Phil at [Denmark’s] Copenhell [festival in June] on my Instagram while [JUDAS PRIEST and DOWN] were out over there. And he goes, ‘Hey.’ I go, ‘What?’ [He goes], ‘I’ve got a secret.’ [And I go], ‘Go on. Tell me. Give me the dirt, Phil.’ He goes, ‘PANTERA.’ And I go, ‘Thank God for that.’ Thank God for that, because this band means so much to us. And to have it validated by Zakk and Charlie, to me, that’s it — it’s complete. And Charlie and Zakk love PANTERA as much as we all do, as fans of the band.

“As much as we love and miss Dime and Vinnie, these guys are going to blow your fucking mind; I know they are,” Rob continued. “So we should just cherish and relish the moment. I hope they take it around the world because there’s millions and millions of PANTERA fans who can’t wait. Like me. I’m gonna be there [when PANTERA and JUDAS PRIEST share the stage at the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in December] — I’m gonna be there on the side of that stage. I’m gonna be there and I’m gonna watch the whole thing. And it’s gonna be wonderful. Phil loves that band still so much, as Rex does. And I know he misses Dime and Vinnie, and Rex does, every single day of their life, like we all do. So this is just sensational. I think it needs to be done, because there’s healing there.”

Halford added: “I read some of these comments, ‘Oh, they’re digging up the past.’ No, they’re not. They’re doing a tremendous service to all of us PANTERA fans, and the incredible healing that’s gonna go out into the world. And to bring in new PANTERA fans. There’s gonna be people at this show in South America that maybe have heard of this PANTERA band but then are gonna witness this assault and are gonna go straight out and get every PANTERA album, t-shirt, vinyl, whatever.

“It’s beautiful. We must keep the metal alive, no matter how we can. And to have it brought back to us this way is gonna be sensational.”

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