According to mainman Wolfgang Van Halen, the new MAMMOTH WVH record will feature music inspired by Swedish extreme metal band MESHUGGAH

Speaking with TellUs Rock in an interview from November of last year, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, MAMMOTH WVH frontman Wolfgang Van Halen was asked what kind of music he currently listens to. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “MESHUGGAH. I love MESHUGGAH. I tend to listen to, at least recently, more heavier music. Like all the new stuff that’s come out. ANIMALS AS LEADERS had a new album come out this year, and so did MESHUGGAH. But MESHUGGAH is one of my favorite bands. [They’re] nothing like MAMMOTH.”

When asked what kind of stuff he draws musical inspiration from for MAMMOTH WVH, Wolfgang said: “On the next album, there actually is some MESHUGGAH-inspired songs — just through the lens of MAMMOTH, though. So it’s not as super heavy.”

Wolfgang has previously expressed his love for the heavier side of music. In a 2021 talk with RockSverige, Van Halen expressed his love for bands like GOJIRA and MASTODON. He said: “Oh, yeah. I love GOJIRA. And I’m crazy about MESHUGGAH. PERIPHERY, I’m friends with those guys and they’re a phenomenal band.”

Wolfgang, who played all instruments on the MAMMOTH WVH debut album, was also asked if he can play the MESHUGGAH song “Bleed” on drums, to which he responded: “Oh, yeah. I can play it,” he said. “As a drummer, MESHUGGAH is just like my favorite because it’s like a math problem, as a song. As a drummer, it’s really fun to figure out the polyrhythmic stuff going on in each song. It’s a treat, and I love it.”

Earlier this month, Wolfgang Van Halen confirmed that he was “almost finished” recording the project’s second album, which will arrive via BMG.