NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen and SABATON drummer Hannes Van Dahl are expecting their second child together

The couple currently have a six-year-old daughter named Freja, who was born on March 15, 2017.

Jansen revealed the news in a social media post earlier today (Monday, March 20), where she shared a photo of her with Hannes and Freja and a sonogram photo of the upcoming new addtion, writing: “Life is good! We will go from being with three to four! Freja will become a big sister! We are very happy to share this special news with you!!!”

Jansen’s fellow NIGHTWISH bandmates evben commented, writing: “Congratulations. So happy for you!!”

Prior to Freja’s being born, Hannes was asked by Spain’s Metal Journal (info via BLABBERMOUTH.NET)whether his family situation would have an impact on his ability to tour with SABATON. Hannes said: “Well, you know, as far as I’m concerned, nothing will really change, ’cause this is what I do, an this is… this is what I do to make a living.

He continued: “People have had kids before in this business. So, to stop any worries — ’cause I know a lot of people are worried [about me] quitting the band — I will stay in the band. And as far as I can say, when it’s time, I need to go and be there with my family. But when I’ve done that, I’m going back to touring. So I won’t leave. I will be there.”

Floor’s debut solo albumParagon“, will arrive on March 24.

Floor Jansen is also expected to embark on a tour of The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria in April and May of this year.