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METALLICA drew a staggering audience of almost 80,000 enthusiastic fans to Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium on Friday, August 25, for the first of their two dynamic performances at the venue

The magnitude of this crowd set an unprecedented record in the history of the SoCal stadium, which was inaugurated in September 2020. Demonstrating their immense popularity, the iconic metal legends from the San Francisco Bay Area replicated this feat once more on Sunday, August 27.

The fervor around the concerts was evident as over 156,000 tickets were snapped up by eager fans for the pair of shows, marking a highlight on METALLICA‘s “M72global tour. Notably, this tour showcases an innovative in-the-round stage setup, relocating the famed METALLICA Snake Pit to the center stage. This unique design adjustment allowed for an increased ticket capacity, further amplified by the band’s hollow-centered stage layout that created additional space for the audience. Billboard reports that METALLICA‘s monumental ring-shaped stage boasts eight towers of monitors and speakers, each tower anchored by an elevated platform doubling as VIP seating, adorned with the striking black-and-yellow motif of the band’s latest album, “72 Seasons.”

Previously, SoFi Stadium hosted Taylor Swift‘s spectacular six-night residency, drawing an impressive audience of 420,000 ticket-holders, with each performance attracting over 70,000 attendees.


Embarking on their “M72” tour in late April from Amsterdam, METALLICA aimed to captivate audiences worldwide.

A meaningful aspect of the concerts is the commitment to give back, as a portion of the proceeds is directed to METALLICA‘s All Within My Hands foundation. The foundation’s mission is to aid and enrich the lives of communities that have wholeheartedly supported the band. Its initiatives range from addressing food insecurity to offering disaster relief and granting scholarships.

Logistically impressive, METALLICA‘s production involves a substantial fleet of 87 trucks, 45 of which cater to the band’s gear and setup, while the remaining are divided into two groups of 21 for the steel stage and towers. The entire crew encompasses 130 individuals, comprising the band’s crew members, steelworkers, local hires, and truck drivers.

Providing further insight, METALLICA‘s manager, Cliff Burnstein, shared with Billboard that a striking 80% to 90% of attendees at each concert are dedicated fans attending both shows.