The latest track from the legendary GUNS N’ ROSES has landed like a lightning bolt in the music universe

The long-awaited single “Perhaps” has been set loose upon radio stations all across the good ol’ United States, and you can even treat your ears to a taste of it down below.

Imagine this: a song that had been tucked away during the “Chinese Democracy” era, originally scheduled to make its grand entrance last Friday (August 11), but like a secret party crasher, it slipped out a bit early. Some mischievous souls got their hands on the tune, and it started trickling through the airwaves of TouchTunes machines at bars and hangout spots. Soon, fans began sidling up to the jukebox, ready to rock out to some GN’R classics, only to find a brand-new entry in their musical menu. This misfit melody came decked out in its official single cover attire, courtesy of Geffen Records, the trusty music home that’s been cradling GUNS N’ ROSES for eons, and by eons.

Rumor has it that “Perhaps” strutted its stuff during a soundcheck before GUNS N’ ROSES‘ gig in Tel Aviv, Israel, on June 5. But just like a shy introvert at a dance, it decided to sit out the main event. However, leave it to the eagle-eyed fans who know how to seize the moment: they caught wind of this secret rehearsal session and whipped out their smartphones faster than a cowboy draws his pistol. The result? Some grainy, low-fi clips that appeared online faster than you can say “rock ‘n’ roll resurrection.”

Remember their 2021 hit “Hard Skool“? Well, “Perhaps” and it go way back to the days of “Chinese Democracy” too. They were like long-lost siblings separated at birth, finding their way into the world of music one glorious chord at a time. Some scrappy demo version of “Perhaps” surfaced before, doing its own leaky dance on YouTube.

A word from the wise, aka GUNS N’ ROSES‘ production guru Tom Mayhue: buckle up, because there’s new music coming down the pipeline faster than a speeding guitar riff. Mayhue spilled the beans while chatting up the media before the band’s Parisian escapade on July 13. Apparently, GUNS N’ ROSES are planning to wrap up their North American tour by mid-October, and guess what’s next on the menu? Yep, you got it. Fresh, piping-hot GUNS N’ ROSES music. Mayhue was so excited he practically blurted out, “They’re trying to get a single out any day now, so you may hear something very, very soon.”

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And hey, ever wondered what this new GUNS N’ ROSES sound is all about? Mayhue spilled more beans, and it turns out, it’s got a hearty appetite for the classic rock vibes of yore, particularly those “Appetite for Destruction” feels. Seems like they’ve got a treasure trove of musical goodies stashed away since the “Appetite” days. Remember that legendary album? The one with only 11 tracks on it? Well, turns out they churned out a whopping 29 songs during that recording frenzy. Yeah, the math didn’t quite add up then, and it still doesn’t, but who’s complaining when we get to unwrap more sonic surprises?

Touching on the new GUNS N’ ROSES material, Mayhue said: “It sounds great. It’s a lot more kind of ‘Appetite [For Destruction]’-orientated. They had a lot of songs. When the band went in originally and recorded ‘Appetite For Destruction’, I think they recorded, like, 29 songs. So there’s a bunch of other music that was left over that didn’t make the first record. I think there’s only 11 songs on the first record.”

Just a few months back, the world was gifted with a snapshot that’s practically rock ‘n’ roll history in the making: a photo of Axl Rose and the guitar god himself, Slash, snapped at Urban Sound Studios in Oslo. According to Urban Sound Studios’ Instagram account, these two legends dropped by for a studio hangout session, soaking up the soundwaves from a myriad of speakers and headphones.

Let’s not forget the appetizer to this rock feast. GUNS N’ ROSES dished out a four-course meal with their EP “Hard Skool” back in February 2022. Limited-time offer, folks, available exclusively at the GUNS N’ ROSES official store. A couple of fresh tracks, the likes of “Hard Skool” and “Absurd,” graced our ears in 2021, plus some live versions of classics like “Don’t Cry” and “You’re Crazy.”

So, here’s a little throwback: cast your mind back to September 2021 when GUNS N’ ROSES dropped “Hard Skool,” a rock revelation that showed up fashionably late after the reincarnation of “Absurd,” a reimagined version of the elusive “Silkworms.” These guys are like the masters of musical resurrection, reviving classics and dishing out new gems like they’re running a musical time-travel agency.

So, there you have it, the latest chapter in the epic saga of GUNS N’ ROSES. With “Perhaps” making its grand entrance, the stage is set for a rock ‘n’ roll revival that’s sure to keep us on the edge of our seats and our air guitars ready for action.

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