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THE CULT Are Back And Are Currently In The Studio

THE CULT Are Back And Are Currently In The Studio

THE CULT are back and have entered Rockfield Studios in Wales to begin recording the follow-up to their 2016 release “Hidden City”.  The record is being produced by Tom Dalgety who has previously worked with bands like GHOST and ROYAL BLOOD.

Over the weekend (Saturday, August 15), THE CULT guitarist Billy Duffy posted an Instagram photo of him in the studio, and he included the following message: “In the studio with producer @tomdalgety working on the new CULT songs… it’s great to be back at the legendary Rockfield Studios where we recorded ‘Dreamtime’ way back in the day…”

This past June, Duffy told “The Big Night In” that THE CULT was in the process of making a new LP.

“The ideas either come or they don’t,” he explained. “I don’t sit and force myself. I know some writers or music and lyrics [have] a disciplined work schedule — hours spent in front of the typewriter equals output. To me, I just play till I feel it and if I get this energy and out comes a little riff. And it literally is as simple as that. I get the idea — it’s almost like an itch that I’ve got to scratch, and out it pops, and I record it. And it’s been like that now for nearly 40 years, so I’m probably, at this age, not gonna change [my ways].”

Billy went on to discuss the band’s songwriting process, saying: “Mine and Ian’s [Astbury, vocals] relationship as writers and what we want out of THE CULT, we’re both fairly forward thinking and we don’t want to try and redo an album from 1986 when we were young men. People often say that: ‘Why don’t you do an album like that?’ It’s, like, well, because it’d be a lie. As musicians, you want to evolve and just sort of tell the truth of where you are in your life… Having said that, there are many great bands — AC/DC spring to mind — who try and make the same album over and over and over, and [that worked] brilliantly for them. God bless.”