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STAIND’s AARON LEWIS Opens Account On TRUMP’s ‘Truth Social’: ‘You Can’t Sensor The Truth’


STAIND frontman Aaron Lewis has opened an account on Donald Trump’s Twitter alternative, Truth Social.

The 50-year-old STAIND singer announced his arrival to the new social media platform in a post on Instagram where he shared a picture of the Truth Social logo with the accompanying message: “You can’t sensor [sic] the truth! AFL is now active on Truth Social. Download the app today and follow @Patriot1972”.

Former president Donald Trump launched Truth Social after his Twitter account was permanently suspended for “repeated and severe violations” of usage policy. 

Truth Social claims to be “America’s leading free speech social platform,” “America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform” and “social media without discrimination.” The platform operates in exactly the same way Twitter does, replacing “Tweet” and “retweet” with “Truth” and “reTruth.”

Back in March, Lewis told the Los Angeles Times that he doesn’t listen to any information that is delivered by mainstream media.

“I’m not uneducated; I’m actually really smart, and I look for myself. I seek other options of information,” he said. “I refuse to believe that a huge, gigantic corporation has our best interest in mind.”

When asked where he gets his news, Lewis said: “I have news feeds and people that I follow on Telegram. Dan Ball. Andrew Wilkow. Mark Levin. If I’m gonna watch any sort of news source on television, it’s Tucker Carlson.”

When asked whether Fox News was the exception to his mistrust of corporations, Aaron replied: “I think that if Tucker didn’t have the following he has, he’d be gone. He’s pretty much anchoring the network at this point.”

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