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GUNS N’ROSES guitarist SLASH wants to get working on a new studio album with the band at some point soon.

During a recent appearance (Wednesday, October 19) on SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk“, Slash was asked if GUNS N’ ROSES had plans to release any new music in the near future. He said: “I wanna go in and cut a whole brand new record at some point, probably sooner than later. But other than that, we have stuff that we’ve still got to come out. So that’s gonna be coming out piecemeal over the next — I don’t know — over the next few months or something like that. So that’s basically it. We have one more tour left to do next summer, and then that’ll free us up to be able to go in and work on a new record.”

Slash revealed that a number of GUNS N’ ROSES songs had been reworked throughout the pandemic. “There’s a handful of those songs that we actually fixed up and did when we were in lockdown. So those have yet to be released. So those are gonna come out. They’re really good, too. So I’m excited for those. We’re just gonna put out like one or two songs, and another one or two songs. And I think that’s gonna be pretty much all of ’em. I’m not sure exactly how many we did in total.”

After host Eddie Trunk said that he believes the band’s latest single, “Hard Skool“, was a great song, Slash replied: “These other ones, they don’t have the same kind of amount of history, ’cause I know ‘Hard Skool‘ seriously has… [it] goes way back. But there’s a couple of epic ones coming out, so I’m excited about that.”

GUNS N’ ROSES‘ latest release was the four-song EP, “Hard Skool“, which arrived in February. The release featured two new songs, the title track and “Absurd”, as well as live versions of the classic songs “Don’t Cry” and “You’re Crazy”.

You can check out audio from the interview at this location.