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SABATON Release New Single ‘The Unkillable Soldier’

sabaton unkillable soldier, SABATON Release New Single ‘The Unkillable Soldier’

Sometimes, the difference between bravery and insanity is indistinguishable: Over the course of four wars in six decades, Adrian Carton De Wiart proved himself to be the most unkillable soldier of all time. The Belgian-born British army officer survived several plane crashes, lost an eye and a hand, sustained eleven grievous injuries: He fully dedicated his life to military services. Whenever there was a war, Adrian Carton De Wiart was there. “Frankly, I had enjoyed the war”, he said, peacefully passing away at the age of 83 in 1963.

With their new single “The Unkillable Soldier”, Swedish metallers SABATON pay tribute to this unique character of war history — in form of an epic anthem full of fantastic hooks, breathtaking guitar parts and once again a catchy tune. This tune surely will keep you whistling for some time after listening to this song!

Bassist Pär Sundström states about the song: “The story of Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart represents SABATON in many ways, but especially because he never gave up in spite of what was thrown against him. We were really captured by the life of this interesting character who ‘frankly enjoyed the war…'”

“The Unkillable Soldier” is taken from SABATON’s tenth studio album, “The War To End All Wars”, which will be released on March 4 via Nuclear Blast Records. Written and recorded during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the concept album of 11 brand-new songs once again dives deep into the atrocities, miracles, and events tied to the early 20th century’s World War I. The tenth album of the Falun-based five-piece will be available in an impressive variety of exclusive formats, including CD, vinyl, and cassette, with most available in limited editions.

“The War To End All Wars” track listing:

01. Sarajevo
02. Stormtroopers
03. Dreadnought
04. The Unkillable Soldier
05. Soldier Of Heaven
06. Hellfighters
07. Race To The Sea
08. Lady Of The Dark
09. The Valley Of Death
10. Christmas Truce
11. Versailles