nickelback,nickelback san quentin,nickelback new music,nickelback new album,nickelback songs, NICKELBACK Will Release The New Single ‘San Quentin’ Next Week

NICKELBACK are set to release the new single, “San Quentin”, on September 7

The band also just finished filming a music video for the new song on Tuesday (August 30) at the Simon Fraser University Convocation Mall in British Columbia with a ton of NICKELBACK fans.

CTV News reports that literally hundreds of NICKELBACK fans attended the video shoot for “San Quentin“, including one individual who traveled all the way from Edmonton, Alberta.

“San Quentin” is the first single from NICKELBACK‘s upcoming studio album, which is expected to arrive in the months ahead.

“Just getting back in the swing of things is a bit strange, but it’s awesome,” NICKELBACK guitarist Ryan Peake said, according to CTV News. “It’s awesome that people are excited to come see us.”

“It was nice to have some time off, it really was,” added frontman Chad Kroeger. “But now it’s great that there’s this new excitement. I keep seeing things on the Internet like, ‘You know what the world needs? A new NICKELBACK record.’ I’m, like, really?”

The “San Quentin” music video will be released sometime this month.