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Latest Fashion Trend: OZZY OSBOURNE Bat-Themed Coronavirus T-shirts and Face Masks

Latest Fashion Trend: OZZY OSBOURNE Bat-Themed Coronavirus T-shirts and Face Masks

Now here’s something every metalhead needs in these days of the dreaded COVID-19.  Turns out the prince of darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne, is selling a long-sleeve T-shirt and matching face mask featuring the phrase “Fuck Coronavirus” along with artwork of a bat in a surgical mask.

Now not only does the bat signify that magical moment when OZZY bit the head off a live bat at a concert in Des Moines, Iowa back in January of 82, but the item was also introduced just days after the World Health Organization announced that its research has found that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, likely originated in bats.  Right?  Ya seeing the connection here?

So here’s the deal if ya wanna grab some of this quintessential merch.  For 72 hours only, the face mask will come free with the purchase of the T-shirt, which sells for $40 at Ozzy’s webstore. Orders will ship in mid-May.  You can find that very webstore here.

A description of the face mask cautions: “These masks are not medical grade and are not meant to take the place of the N95 masks.”  So essentially these bad boys are for fashion only.  Tongue kissing randos on the street is still a no-no.  (Not that that’s even really possible.I mean, you’re wearing a mask for fuck’s sakes.)

Now back to that ‘famous’ bat-biting incident.  Ya see, back on January 20, 1982, Ozzy bit the head off a live bat during a concert at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa, later claiming he thought it was a toy thrown to him by an audience member.  Come to think of it, who brings a live bat to a rock concert?  So that assumption holds some water I guess, however this was smack dab in the middle of a time when the Ozzman was known to be balls deep into his extracurriculars, if ya know what I mean.  So take it as you will.

And what did said bat taste like you may be wondering?  “It tasted all crunchy and warm… like a Ronald McDonald’s” Ozzy said.

So anyways, after the show, Ozzy went to Mercy Hospital Medical Center, and was referred to Broadlawns Medical Center because the rabies vaccine was available there.

Des Moines’s then-mayor Pete Crivaro said he wanted to find out if Ozzy “violated an agreement on the use of animals in his act. We had been assured he wasn’t going to, and I want to find out who is lying,” Crivaro said.

Dave Palmitier, the manager of the auditorium, told the Des Moines Register that Osbourne “did let some doves loose, which he wasn’t supposed to do. We found one dead that apparently had been killed in the audience,” he said.

Des Moines’s then-police lieutenant Derald Leaming said he had warned Osbourne’s manager before the show that if an animal was harmed, he and Osbourne “were going to jail because it’s against Iowa law.

“We had heard about Osbourne sticking birds in his mouth and warned them he would be arrested on the spot if he bit them,” he said.

A small price to pay for a legendary incident in the annals of rock.  But as for the price of that badass t-shirt and mask?  Only 40 bucks.  Maybe get on that.  Here’s a pic below.