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IGOR CAVALERA On Playing Old SEPULTURA Songs Live: “I Do Have To Do A Lot Of Practicing”

cavalera tour sepultura, IGOR CAVALERA On Playing Old SEPULTURA Songs Live: “I Do Have To Do A Lot Of Practicing”

The former brothers of SEPULTURA, Max and Igor Cavalera, are set to pull out some classic tracks from their former band’s “Beneath The Remains” and “Arise” albums on a U.S. run of dates this spring/summer.

In a recent talk with Ghost Cult magazine, Igor discussed the upcoming tour, saying: “Of course, it is quite a physical tour. The drumming on it is quite extreme from those two records, so I do have to do a lot of practicing. Luckily, I have a studio here [home] in London that I can come in and do some drumming and try some stuff. And of course we will be doing a bit of rehearsals for this with the whole band before the tour starts, but it’s always good to be prepared for something like that. Of course those are songs that somehow they are ingrained in my brain already, but I do need to… because I’m involved also with so many projects, sometimes I do need to do a bit of focusing so I can get all the parts right so my hard drive doesn’t explode.”

When asked if he had to re-learn how to play some of SEPULTURA’s classic songs, Igor said: “I do have some notes that I write down, and I’ve been this for many years. I don’t really read music professionally, but I do have some notes that I know where to follow certain things. And those are certain eras where a few songs are very similar to each other — they are variations of the same song, in a way — so not to get confused with certain parts, especially with tempo changes and things like that, I try to keep a bit of a notepad [so] I can look at and I know exactly where I am with a track. ‘Cause otherwise, of course, we all go into some kind of a brainfart where you’re, like, ‘Oh, shit. What’s next?’ So I try to keep those notes somehow close to me, even when I’m playing live. I have the setlist, but I also have a few things that I write down that help me situate myself in that case.”

When discussing “Beneath The Remains” and “Arise” both being more than 30 years old, Igor commented: “I’m very proud that those records are still relevant to a lot of people, including myself. I really enjoy those records, and to play them live is such a pleasure because I really enjoy playing music with my brother; I really enjoy the connection that we have, the chemistry that we have when we play live. And to have a chance to do this, for me, it’s very special, and I really appreciate that. I know there’s a lot of brothers out there who are not even here, like the Abbott brothers from PANTERA, or even someone like Eddie Van Halen is gone — now it’s only Alex — so the fact that I have my brother to still do things [with], I feel very fortunate that I can still go out and play with him.”

Joining Max and Igor on the tour will be Mike Leon of SOULFLY and Daniel Gonzalez of POSSESSED.