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Indie Rock Bands listen up! With the advancements in technology to have been experienced, the music industry is arguably even more fierce than it has ever been. However, with that said, it’s also possible to suggest there are even more opportunities now available to those looking to break through

The internet age has transformed music in several profound ways. Although there may be more competition than ever as music artists and indie rock bands are able to upload their own music without the need for a record label or promoter, they have the access and convenience to do it themselves and potentially build a brand; one that can be heard and possibly become profitable.

What methods are available to indie rock bands?

The biggest way that the digital age has been able to transform the music industry and give music artists a chance is in regard to streaming platforms. Platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify have become household names for streaming music, as have Amazon’s Prime service and Apple’s Music streaming platform.

These platforms have provided indie rock bands the chance to upload their music and receive royalties each time their music is streamed. Listeners can potentially stumble across their music because of algorithms that are used through artificial intelligence, allowing them to discover new bands that sound similar or follow the same genre. This allows the smaller artists to be discovered and be heard.

Although they may not be profitable in the first instance, the royalty free market can be a great first step for an indie rock bands to be heard. Many creators continue to seek new music alternatives that they are not going to infringe on in terms of rights, and there are various platforms that now include royalty free rock music as downloadable audio. Artists can get themselves heard through this method, which could potentially give them the level of exposure that they need to turn their efforts into a commercially profitable one.

In addition, social media has played its role in helping bands to become more discoverable, be heard, and potentially get paid. Sites like YouTube have been popular for music, as indie rock bands’ music videos can often attract millions (or billions) of hits, leading to ad revenue being generated for the creator. TikTok has seen it’s fair

share of musicians go viral because of its ability to use music as an overlay on videos. If a video goes viral and uses a track, the band can potentially generate a form of piggyback success as viewers may look to stream the full track and be converted into fans.

This could also give them the opportunity to create a connection, which could turn loyalty into cash. The band could engage with their followers. In doing so, those who are fans of the group may be more willing to show their support financially, by buying streams or merchandise, as well as being more willing to share the tracks that have been made to their own platforms for their own connections to hear.

Indie Rock Bands should also consider traditional methods

While the digital age has made things more convenient and potentially more rewarding for indie rock bands looking to get heard and paid, they shouldn’t always throw all of their eggs in one basket and focus their efforts on the internet.

Of course, the technological resource has an incredible amount of power in terms of getting their music and name out in the first place. However, it’s important to remember that there are traditional methods that can still work for bands looking to make their mark, too.

We live in an era where talent shows are broadcast to millions on TV, while there are music events taking place globally all year around. It could be a good idea to network with other groups of a similar genre and try to become a support act for them, as this could provide a huge level of exposure and show off the band’s skills while on stage.

It’s a hard market but getting heard and paid is doable

Everyone knows how competitive the music industry is, and the digital age has hardly helped in terms of fierce competition. Anyone who fancies their chance of musical success can upload their songs or performances and hope to become a viral hit through the internet.

However, that is not to say that there isn’t a chance of success. There is a history of this happening, and who knows, the next big rock indie band to emerge might have used the current internet age to their advantage as they aim to be heard and get paid!

indie rock bands,indie rock bands get heard,how to get heard as a rock band,rock bands,indie rock bands 2000s, How Indie Rock Bands Can Get Heard (And Paid) In The Digital Age