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DISTURBED Drop The New Single And Video For ‘Hey You’

new disturbed music 2022, DISTURBED Drop The New Single And Video For ‘Hey You’

DISTURBED have unleashed the new song “Hey You” and it’s accompanying official music video which can be seen below.

Late last year, DISTURBED singer David Draiman teased that the band’s follow-up to 2018’s “Evolution” album would be “angsty” and “aggressive,” and added that it will sound like “old-school Disturbed.”

“‘Hey You‘ is basically a wake-up call. I think that the lockdown and the pandemic in general, the past two years, three years of our existence already at this point, has been this incredible, perfect storm of elements,” Draiman explains in a recent talk with Loudwire Nights.

“We had isolation, we had removal from any kind of normalcy, we had people really go down the rabbit hole of social media in a big, big way. And if anything, it intensified the division that was already there. People really stick to their respective camps and their respective allegiances, whether it’s political or religious or otherwise. It’s become hyper-intensified over the course of these past number of years.”

The DISTURBED frontman also noted that “Hey You” addresses all of the “outrage addiction” he’s witnessed over the last few years – something he has never seen before.

David says: “This song is speaking to that, it’s speaking to the fact that we’re our own worst enemy sometimes because of these little barriers we set up for ourselves.”


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