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3TEETH has recently unveiled their latest album, “EndEx,” and they are currently streaming the album’s last single and accompanying video—a captivating cover of TEARS FOR FEARS’ classic hit, “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”

“Listening to it, I felt the weight of the world and the wild-eyed frenzy of the human condition – the never-ending chase, the insatiable hunger,” says 3TEETH frontman Alexis Mincolla. “And in that moment, cruising down the highway, surrounded by the vastness of the desert, I realized: We’re all just careening towards our own versions of world domination, fueled by dreams and delusions.”

EndEx” is a remarkable album that boasts contributions from renowned sound designer Mick Gordon, known for his work on ‘Doom‘. The album was expertly produced by Nick Rowe and skillfully mixed by Sean Beavan, a name synonymous with NINE INCH NAILS. You can listen to “EndEx” at this location.

3TEETH are an American industrial rock band that emerged from the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2013, the band’s formation was spearheaded by Alexis Mincolla, who took on the role of lead vocalist, and Xavier Swafford, responsible for keyboards and programming. Together, they embarked on a mission to craft a distinctive, intense, and politically charged musical project that drew inspiration from the realms of industrial and metal music.

In 2014, 3TEETH independently released their self-titled debut album, which quickly gained notoriety for its aggressive fusion of electronic beats, powerful guitar riffs, and Mincolla’s commanding vocal presence. Tracks like “Pearls 2 Swine” and “Master of Decay” showcased their unique sound, setting the stage for their ascent within the alternative music landscape.

The band’s breakthrough came as their self-titled debut album received critical acclaim and they began touring extensively. Sharing stages with prominent acts such as TOOL and PRIMUS, their live performances further cemented their reputation as a formidable force in the industrial music scene.

In 2017, 3TEETH released their sophomore album, “Shutdown.exe,” which continued to explore themes of dystopia, technology, and social commentary. Singles like “Atrophy” and “Degrade” showcased their willingness to push boundaries and tackle thought-provoking subjects through their music.

One of the key moments in their journey was their collaboration with renowned sound designer Mick Gordon, known for his work on video game soundtracks like “Doom.” This association with the gaming world expanded their reach and introduced their music to a broader audience.

Their third album, “Metawar,” released in 2019, marked a significant evolution in their sound. It incorporated elements of industrial, metal, and electronic music, creating a futuristic and intense sonic experience. Tracks like “American Landfill” and “EXXXIT” showcased their evolving style and their commitment to pushing boundaries.

Throughout their career, the group has maintained a strong presence in the alternative music scene, thanks to their edgy sound and provocative themes. Their lyrics often touch on topics such as technology, politics, and society, resonating with fans who appreciate both their musical innovation and their thought-provoking messages.

In summary, 3TEETH has risen from the underground of Los Angeles to become a significant player in the industrial rock genre. Their journey, marked by a series of critically acclaimed albums and electrifying live performances, showcases their commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre and addressing contemporary societal issues through their music.