Home Featured ZAKK WYLDE Honored To Play ‘Rhythm Guitar’ For ERIC CLAPTON, JEFF BECK And TONY IOMMI On New Ozzy Album

ZAKK WYLDE Honored To Play ‘Rhythm Guitar’ For ERIC CLAPTON, JEFF BECK And TONY IOMMI On New Ozzy Album

ZAKK WYLDE Honored To Play ‘Rhythm Guitar’ For ERIC CLAPTON, JEFF BECK And TONY IOMMI On New Ozzy Album

Zakk Wylde says that it was “definitely an honor” playing rhythm guitar for some of his childhood heroes on Ozzy Osbourne’s upcoming solo album.

Ozzy recently confirmed that Zakk plays guitar on his upcoming, Andrew Watt produced studio effort, which is tentatively due in early 2022. The Ozzman also confirmed the appearance of guitarists Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH) on the record, to which Zakk spoke about in a new interview with “The Cassius Morris Show“. Zakk said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “On this one, I didn’t have anything to do with… Basically, everything was already written. I would change a few things here and there, going into certain riffs or something like that — you know, do my own thing to ’em. But it was pretty much already done. But kind of how we did — [2001’s] ‘Down To Earth’, I think, was more like that where everything was pretty much written before I got in there. So I just do my thing, put my solos and everything like that. But it was great in regards that Eric Clapton is on it, Jeff Beck and Tony Iommi. If you have told 14-year-old me growing up in my parents’ house practicing in my bedroom that I was gonna be on a record with all my heroes, [I] would have been, ‘Forget about it.’ So, it was definitely an honor playing rhythm guitar on those tracks with the guys. But, yeah, I’m really happy with the way it came out.”

When asked how Ozzy is doing health-wise, Wylde said: “I text him and just make sure he’s doing okay with his working out and everything like that and doing everything the doctors tell him to do as far as his therapy and everything to get his neck and everything like that better and back on track. He wants to get back out and start touring again. The last show we did was going into 2019, New Year’s Eve at the Forum [in Los Angeles]. And we had a blast. And Ozz was, like, ‘Man, we should do this every year’ and everything like that. So he was super pumped for that. And that’s where it ended. The gameplan is, obviously, to get him back up and running so we can go back out and start playing again, doing what he wants… I just said, like, ‘Ozz, just wait until you’re ready.’ There’s no sense in rushing it. No one is going away. As soon as they announce that Ozz is gonna be doing some shows, everyone’s gonna go to the show. So I was just, like, ‘Ozz, everybody loves you. I don’t you have anything to worry about. When you’re ready and you feel like you’re ready to get back up on the lifting platform for your benches and squat and your deadlift, then we’ll go do what we’ve gotta do.”

Ozzy has revealed that 15 songs have been recorded for his upcoming LP.

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