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WE CAME AS ROMANS Drop The Official Music Video For ‘Darkbloom’

we came as romans band darkbloom, WE CAME AS ROMANS Drop The Official Music Video For ‘Darkbloom’

WE CAME AS ROMANS have released the official music video for their new single “Darkbloom”, which can be seen below.

With sharp synths and riffs that could chip that paint off the wall, “Darkbloom” represents the next chapter for WE CAME AS ROMANS. In fall 2019, the band shared two new tracks: “From The First Note” and “Carry The Weight”. These songs marked the first material the band released after singer Kyle Pavone’s tragic passing in August 2018.

“The idea behind ‘Darkbloom’ is that even through the darkest, most difficult times of life, there is still the potential, or possibility, of personal growth,” says guitarist Joshua Moore. “As long as we’re not willing to completely concede to the negative emotion or thought that feels like it has taken over, then we can be strong enough to overcome and push through to a different future. This song is about having the mind to be able to acknowledge the reality of situations we’re in, but having the strength to weather the adversity. It’s about making the choice to keep putting the effort forth to move your life forward, in the face of the most difficult times you’ll experience.”

In other WE CAME AS ROMANS news, the band rebooted its anniversary tour celebrating their landmark, 2009-released album “To Plant A Seed”. The tour was originally scheduled for spring 2020, but it was tabled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “To Plant A Seed” was a definitive sonic statement for WE CAME AS ROMANS and remains a fan favorite through this day. It’s only fitting that the band commemorate the release with a tour.

The tour kicks off on September 29 in Philadelphia and runs through November 7 in the band’s native Michigan. Support will come from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, DAYSEEKER and HOLLOW FRONT.