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The 5 Most Iconic Uses of GUNS N’ ROSES Songs in Feature Films

GUNS N’ ROSES are one of the biggest bands to have ever existed. They have been among the record holders and trailblazers of the music industry for the last 40 years or so.

To highlight their success over nearly four decades, the band has continued to remain a popular outfit on the touring scene, selling out venues worldwide and generating millions in revenue in various ways.

GUNS N’ ROSES in Hollywood

One way in which the band’s success can perhaps be measured is in terms of their contribution to the film industry, as they have had multiple songs be used in some of the biggest Hollywood films to have ever been created. The movie industry has always looked to try and use songs from the biggest bands and artists to try and add an extra dimension to the stories that they provide.

The songs and soundtracks used can often help to make a film more appealing or memorable, as people will immediately associate the action that they see with the musical overlay that has been used. As a result, GUNS N’ ROSES have always been considered a top option for many.

The band has several huge hits that have been at the top of the global charts, thus making them an identifiable and well-liked type of music people can listen to. It’s not just the movies where they have had their songs featured, with there being
games to have featured the band and their songs. Like, did you know that there is a GUNS N’ ROSES slot that features many of their tracks that can be listened to as you spin the reels for entertainment? That’s pretty cool!

What movies have used a GUNS N’ ROSES song as part of their story?

As mentioned, there have been several movies that have looked to use a Guns N’ Roses song as part of their final production. However, there are some that are perhaps more iconic than others…

1 – “Step Brothers” used “Sweet Child o’ Mine”

Sweet Child o’ Mine” is arguably one of the biggest songs that the band ever released, with it being covered multiple times. “Step Brothers” is one of the most-loved films to have been released, and the use of the track created a memorable scene. In it, we see a cappella version being sung in the car by the family as they drive through the suburbs.

2 – “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” used “You Could Be Mine”

GUNS N’ ROSES dominated the early 1990s as they were at the height of their stardom at the time. They could be found everywhere, from MTV to radio channels, with the movies being the logical next step. James Cameron decided to
make this happen in the second installment of the “Terminator” series, using the track “You Could Be Mine” before the band even released it for general sale on their album. It can be heard in the scene where John Connor tells his foster dad Todd to “suck an egg”.

3 – “The Dead Pool” used “Welcome to the Jungle”

Synonymous with the band, “Welcome to the Jungle” is perhaps the biggest hit to have ever been released. This song was used in the film “The Dead Pool” with Slash making an appearance as he fired a harpoon gun through a window. It arguably made the film, as much as it made the band.

4 – “Days of Thunder” used “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”

Although a cover song, “Knockin On Heaven’s Door” was the perfect accompaniment to Tom Cruise’s “Days of Thunder” release. It was at the beginning of the band’s rise, as they had been deemed too much of a potential problem for mainstream media at the time of the release. It fitted the extreme nature of director Tony Scott, thus making it iconic in the process.

5 – “Interview with the Vampire” used “Sympathy for the Devil”

Sympathy for the Devil” usage in the film Interview with the Vampire was iconic because it was such a natural fit. The song is one of the most demonic that GUNS N’ ROSES had ever released, thus making it perfect for a film that focused on the themes that it had.

You’d have to wait until the end credits to hear it be played, but it was also the last song before Slash and Duff McKagan left the band following arguments with Axl Rose. They must have gotten over their differences since, though, as they were all reunited in 2016 and continue to remain part of the band today.