Last night, under the sparkling lights of the Hollywood Bowl, GUNS N’ ROSES unveiled their latest musical gem, “The General”

It marked the second addition to their playlist this year, following the catchy “Perhaps” that hit the airwaves back in August.

The General” was performed 10th in GUNS N’ ROSES‘ 25-song extravaganza, flanked by its musical siblings “Perhaps” and the evergreen “Hard Skool” from 2021. This trio of novelties injected a dose of unpredictability into the show, keeping fans on their toes amidst the ever-shifting setlist.

The General” isn’t just another tune from the legendary band; it’s the fourth treasure they’ve shared since the long-awaited “Chinese Democracy” in 2008 and the glorious return of Slash and Duff McKagan in 2016. Much like “Absurd” and “Hard Skool” which arrived in 2021, “Perhaps” and “The General” were once hidden gems from “Chinese Democracy,” lovingly polished to shine with the Slash and McKagan touch.

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Back in August, when “Perhaps” finally saw the light of day, GUNS N’ ROSES didn’t stop at mere music. They unleashed a snazzy line of merch, featuring everything from funky clothing to a fortune-telling magic 8-ball and a groovy 7-inch vinyl. Curious fans soon noticed “The General” tucked away as the B-side on that vinyl, sparking wild speculations about its imminent digital release.

In true GUNS N’ ROSES fashion, the band played coy, leaving everyone in suspense about the details. The mystery only added to the anticipation.

If you missed the epic live debut of “The General,” well, you’re in luck, because it’s below for your listening and visual pleasure.

As for the future, GUNS N’ ROSES have one last performance on their 2023 calendar. Surprisingly, there are no gigs penciled in for 2024 as of yet.