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FEAR FACTORY Guitarist DINO CAZARES Says He Was Never Influenced By PANTERA

fear factory pantera, FEAR FACTORY Guitarist DINO CAZARES Says He Was Never Influenced By PANTERA

FEAR FACTORY guitarist Dino Cazares is an incredible axeman.  You can’t deny that.  I mean seriously you throw on any FEAR FACTORY album and crank it to 11 and experience that engulfing madness, you simply couldn’t deny that fact.

It’s also understandable to think that iconic groove-metallers PANTERA, most notably guitarist DIMEBAG DARRELL, would be an influence on Cazares, being that both bands were around at the same time, had a similar “groove-esque” sound and in fact knew each other.

Well in a recent tweet, (Wednesday, July 29), Cazares posted that late PANTERA guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott told him that he used FEAR FACTORY’s 1998 album “Obsolete” as a “reference” when he was mixing PANTERA’s 2000 LP “Reinventing The Steel”. After one fan responded, “Pretty sure you said vulgar was the Demanufacture reference, in a remaster notes,” referring to PANTERA’s 1992 record “Vulgar Display Of Power” and FEAR FACTORY’s 1995 effort “Demanufacture”, Dino wrote: “I’ve never said vulgar was a Demanufacture reference because it took me awhile to get past PANTERA being a glam band that turned into a Grove Metal band. I didnt really start to appreciate the band till Far Beyond”, referring to PANTERA’s 1994 effort “Far Beyond Driven”.

Dino added another tweet soon after, saying: “My playing was never influenced by PANTERA cause my style was already developed by the time I got into them. I’m sure we were influenced by the same bands. When PANTERA was doing glam I was listening to SLAYER, EXODUS, DEATH ANGLE, METALLICA, POSSESSED, DRI, DEATH etc…”

So there ya have it.  You know…if you were in fact wondering.

Speaking of FEAR FACTORY, they’ve been off the road since they completed a U.S. headlining tour in 2016.  Soon after said tour, it was believed that the band were calling it quits in May 2017 after the band’s former bassist-turned-guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers posted on his Instagram “RIP Fear Factory”.  Turns out that was bullshit.

Anyways, if ya dig Dino, he recently launched a Patreon page where he is providing insight on his riff technique and riff writing, as well as engaging in gear talk and sharing his inspiration and survival stories on the road as a touring musician.  So definitely check that out if you’re feelin’ it.

Here’s that tweet by the way…