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testament metalica, CHUCK BILLY Talks About How TESTAMENT Has Never Toured With METALLICA

TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy still wonders why his band have never toured with METALLICA.

Chuck recently appeared on HATEBREED frontman Jamey Jasta’s “The Jasta Show” where he spoke about the fact that his band has yet to do a proper tour with METALLICA despite the fact that both groups have known each other for over three decades.

“Whenever I’m asked, ‘What is the one band you wish you can play with?’, it’s always METALLICA,” Chuck said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “It’s, like, we grew up with these guys [in] the same era, but we never went on tour [with them]. I think a few years ago, we did three shows in Germany [with them] on a festival. It was funny, ’cause our band walked in and their band was walking, and we all kind of met in this hallway. And [we were], like, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ It was a like old friends seeing each other. I think it was James [Hetfield] or Lars [Ulrich], they said, ‘Oh my God. Look at you guys. You guys all still got your hair. You guys are big.’ ‘Cause Steve [DiGiorgio, TESTAMENT bassist] and Gene [Hoglan, TESTAMENT drummer] are all six-[foot]-two, six-[foot]-three. But it was great seeing ’em. And we’re actually playing [at the] Aftershock [festival in Sacramento], if that happens, in October. They’re kicking off four nights there, and we’re kicking off the first night with them. So that’ll be good.”

Billy also expressed hope that TESTAMENT could still hit the road or the stage with METALLICA at some point in the future, saying: “It would be great. And who knows? Maybe one day. Even the [San Francisco] Bay Area shows, when they do those special shows, EXODUS played, DEATH ANGEL played — a lot of people got to play. I don’t know. I do know, because Eric [Peterson, TESTAMENT guitarist] — I don’t know if you know the story — Eric actually married Kirk’s [Hammett, METALLICA guitarist] ex when they split up. So I don’t know if that has something [to do with it] — [a] deep down underlying reason. That’s the only thing [we can think of]. We’re, like, ‘What is it, Eric? What’d you do to us? Why did you date her? Now we can’t play with METALLICA.’ [Laughs]”

TESTAMENT’s “The Bay Strikes Back Tour” with EXODUS and DEATH ANGEL commences on October 6 at the Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo, California.