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BLACK SABBATH’s ‘Heaven And Hell’ Album: A Splintered Heavy Metal Band Rises From The Ashes

Singer Ronnie James Dio was introduced to Tony Iommi in 1979 by Sharon Arden, who would later go on to marry and manage Ozzy as well as reach reality show stardom. At first, Dio and Iommi discussed forming a new project, rather than a continuation of BLACK SABBATH. The two would meet again, by chance, at The Rainbow on Sunset in Los Angeles later that year. Both men were in similar situations with Dio seeking a new project and Iommi needing a singer. "It must have been fate," Dio recalled, "because we connected so instantly."


IRON MAIDEN Drummer NICKO MCBRAIN: Everything You Need To Know

Nicko McBrain has become a name synonymous with supplying the earth shattering drum beats and furious fills for British heavy metal titans IRON MAIDEN. Joining the band after they had already become significantly established as the forerunners of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal in the late seventies and early eighties, McBrain took over the drum kit from vacated stickman Clive Burr with a ferocity that needs to be addressed and quite frankly revered. For 40 years now, IRON MAIDEN's hurricane of a backbone, Nicko McBrain, has still remained somewhat of an "unsung hero" in heavy metal. Even if he is IRON MAIDEN's drummer.