We recently asked current GWAR frontman (front-something…) Blöthar The Berserker whether the band’s late vocalist, Odurus Urungus, (real name Dave Brockie) is still a felt presence within the group both in the studio or when they perform live

You can check out the discussion in the video below.

GWAR’s latest album, “The New Dark Ages“, arrived on CD/digital June 3 and vinyl and cassette on September 16 via GWAR‘s own Pit Records.

The New Dark Ages” chronicles GWAR‘s adventures in the Duoverse, where the band rediscovers old powers such as Blöthar’s terrifying “Berserker Mode“, and encounter new allies, such as the murderous maven known as “The Cutter“. Along the way, they battle the living monuments of a lost cause and armies of undead soldiers who rise again to fight a new civil war.

GWAR’s “The New Dark Ages” track listing:

01. New Dark Age
02. Blood Libel
03. Berserker Mode
04. Mother Fucking Liar
05. Unto the Breach
06. Completely Fucked
07. The Cutter
08. Rise Again
09. The Beast Will Eat Itself
10. The Venom Of The Platypus
11. Ratcatcher
12. Bored to Death
13. Death Whistle Suite:
– Temple Ascent
– Starving Gods
– Deus Ex Monstrum

Blothar joined us on a recent edition of THE LOADED RADIO PODCAST which can be heard here.