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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Unveils The ‘None More Black’ Box Set

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Unveils The ‘None More Black’ Box Set

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY have released the “None More Black” box set containing remastered versions of all 12 original studio recordings on gorgeous color vinyl.

The “None More Black” box set comes with a hardcover 32-page photo book, chronicling BLACK LABEL SOCIETY’s legendary career.

Impress your friends and help open bottles for your loved ones that lack opposable thumbs with the “None More Black” box set bottle opener.

“None More Black” arrives in an indestructible black-on-black embossed collection box. It includes “The Song Remains Not The Same II”, featuring reworked versions of the original songs.

All original studio albums:

* “Sonic Brew”” – black/white marble x2 LP
* “Stronger Than Death” – black/apple marble x2 LP
* “1919 Eternal” – black/brown marble x2 LP
* “The Blessed Hellride” – black/silver marble LP
* “Hangover Music Vol. VI” – black/canary marble x2LP
* “Mafia” – black/neon coral marble x2LP
* “Shot To Hell” – black/tangerine marble LP
* “Order Of The Black” – black/grey marble LP
* “Catacombs Of The Black Vatican” – black/tan marble LP
* “Grimmest Hits” – black/olive marble LP

Two bonus albums

* “The Song Remains Not The Same II” – grey LP
* “Nuns and Roaches: Tasty Little Bastards” – black/magenta LP

Get yours here.

In March 2020, Zakk Wylde told Billboard that he would spend April of last year composing the songs for BLACK LABEL SOCIETY’s next disc and that he would record the LP in May and June of 2020.

He explained: “I don’t demo or stockpile shit. Never have. I’m not like Prince, where he’s recording stuff all the time. I just like to come up with a riff or an idea and be like, ‘Why don’t we track that one today?’ It’s like the beginning of a new season. It’s always fun.”


Zakk Wylde – Vocals/Guitar
John “JD” DeServio – Bass
Dario Lorina – Guitar
Jeff Fabb – Drums