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Watch ANTHRAX playing their first show with bassist Dan Lilker in 40 years

Last month, ANTHRAX made an announcement regarding their South American tour, revealing that bassist Frank Bello would be unable to join them due to personal reasons.

Stepping in to fill Bello‘s shoes for these dates, as well as for two upcoming U.S. festival performances in May, is none other than ANTHRAX‘s founding member and original bassist, Dan Lilker. This marks Lilker‘s return to the band after an astonishing 40-year hiatus.

Notably, Lilker played a significant role in ANTHRAX‘s early days, co-writing and performing on their debut album “Fistful Of Metal.” Additionally, he was a pivotal member of STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH alongside ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante and guitarist Scott Ian.

The tour commenced last night (Saturday, April 13) at MXMF The Metal Fest in Mexico City, and you can check out fan-filmed footage of the show below.

ANTHRAX’s setlist for Mexico City on April 13, 2024:

01. Among The Living
02. Caught In A Mosh
03. Antisocial (TRUST cover)
04. Madhouse
05. Metal Thrashing Mad
06. Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
07. Medusa
08. In The End
09. Deathrider
10. I Am The Law
11. Got The Time (Joe Jackson cover)
12. Indians

“I’m really looking forward to jamming with ANTHRAX again,” said Lilker upon the announcement. “When we parted ways back in 1984, they told me to stick around because they might need me in 40 years.”

Added the band: “We’re all very excited about with playing with Danny again, and we really appreciate his filling in for Frank. It’s been way too long since we played South America, so you don’t want to miss these shows, they’re going to be insane.”

This marks Lilker’s first reunion with the band in a remarkable 40 years. Notably, Lilker, who co-wrote and performed on ANTHRAX‘s debut album “Fistful Of Metal“, is also recognized for his membership in STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH alongside Charlie Benante and Scott Ian.

Lilker‘s musical journey over the past four decades has been nothing short of prolific. From his role as bassist in the thrash/metal outfit NUCLEAR ASSAULT to his contributions to the grindcore act BRUTAL TRUTH, his resume boasts an impressive array of bands. Additionally, he’s lent his musical skills to projects like EXIT-13, MALFORMED EARTHBORN, THE RAVENOUS, OVERLORD EXTERMINATOR, VENOMOUS CONCEPT, and many others.

ANTHRAX’s upcoming tour dates featuring Dan Lilker on bass are as follows:

April 15 – Cancha Diamante, San Salvador, El Salvador
April 17 – Pepper’s, San Jose, Costa Rica
April 19 – The Metal Fest, Quito, Ecuador
April 21 – The Metal Fest, Santiago, Chile
April 23 – Sala de Museo, Montevideo, Uruguay
April 25 – El Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 28 – Summer Breeze Open Air, São Paulo, Brazil
May 09 – Welcome to Rockville, Daytona Beach, FL
May 17 – Sonic Temple Festival, Columbus, OH

ANTHRAX, an iconic name in the realm of heavy metal, emerged from the bustling streets of New York City in 1981. Formed by guitarists Scott Ian and Dan Lilker, alongside vocalist Neil Turbin and drummer Dave Weiss, the band’s early days were marked by a relentless pursuit of sonic aggression and uncompromising attitude. Drawing inspiration from the burgeoning thrash metal scene, the band quickly carved out a unique identity with their blistering riffs, thunderous rhythms, and politically charged lyrics.

Their debut album, “Fistful of Metal” (1984), introduced the world to the group’s raw energy and unbridled intensity. As they evolved, vocalist Joey Belladonna joined the ranks, bringing a melodic edge to their sound. With landmark albums like “Among the Living” (1987) and “Persistence of Time” (1990), ANTHRAX solidified their status as pioneers of the genre, seamlessly blending thrash metal ferocity with infectious hooks and memorable anthems.

Throughout their storied career, ANTHRAX has weathered lineup changes, industry shifts, and even a brief hiatus. Yet, their resilience and unwavering commitment to their craft have kept them at the forefront of the metal landscape. Known for their electrifying live performances and unwavering dedication to their fans, ANTHRAX continues to reign supreme on stages around the globe.

With a discography that spans over four decades and includes classics like “Spreading the Disease” (1985) and “State of Euphoria” (1988), ANTHRAX‘s influence on the metal genre is immeasurable. From their early days in the underground scene to their status as bona fide metal legends, ANTHRAX remains a vital force, inspiring generations of headbangers to embrace the power of heavy music.