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Watch DRAGONFORCE’s HERMAN LI ‘Audition’ for STEEL PANTHER on Twitch

dragonforce steal panther, Watch DRAGONFORCE’s HERMAN LI ‘Audition’ for STEEL PANTHER on Twitch

DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li recently “auditioned” for STEEL PANTHER, with Satchel serving as the judge, during a recent Twitch stream.

The video was all in part of the #ShredForJasonBecker virtual event which was co-organized by Li to help the virtuoso musician in his continued battle with ALS.

The fundraiser has brought some of the most notable metal guitarists to Li’s Twitch stream, with the most recent guest being STEEL PANTHER shredder, Satchel.

The segment was billed as Li’s “audition” for STEEL PANTHER, in which he showcases a full on glam look, complete with a scarf, frizzy hair and a black studded jacket.

“I’m a real rock star. I’ve got my makeup artist, my hair… everything in the background. I paid $1,000 for this.” states the DRAGONFORCE guitarist.

Satchel, clearly impressed, commented, “I don’t know if [Steel Panther bassist] Lexxi [Foxx] would be comfortable with you in the band because you’re really good looking. For me, I’m good looking but I’m not quite good looking enough to make him feel bad about himself, but you’re really good looking.”

The first order of business when being considered to join Steel Panther is quite obviously physical appearance. But it’s what you can do with that appearance that matters most, which is why Satchel requested a couple poses from Li. “You get more likes just posing than you do playing,” said Satchel. “This is what has driven my career, Herman.”

Li also went on to engage in a guitar solo duel with Satchel, who had certain demands.

“I want you to give me at least two kicks up in the air. I want you to spin around once during your solo,” he demanded. Li, however, notes that he was playing with a traditional guitar cable, making said spin kinda “tricky”, to which Satchell replied: “I don’t care. Figure it out. This is your audition, don’t mess it up!”

You can watch the outcome in the video below. To learn more about the fundraiser for Becker and to make a donation, click here.