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PHIL ANSELMO And REX BROWN To Do Virtual Q&A At ‘PANTERA Golden Ale’ Launch Party

pantera beer, PHIL ANSELMO And REX BROWN To Do Virtual Q&A At ‘PANTERA Golden Ale’ Launch Party

PANTERA’s 2 surviving members, Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown, will take part in a question-and-answer session — via videolink — at the launch party for ‘Pantera Golden Ale’ on Saturday, February 27.

There will be 400 tickets sold, and the event at the Dallas craft brewery Texas Ale Project will be split into two sessions to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. If you buy your tickets before February 9, you can submit a question that will be considered for the question-and-answer session.

DJ Souljah will be the DJ and emcee for the night. Giveaways will include “Reinventing The Steel” CDs album and other limited-edition items like PANTERA and Texas Ale Project collaboration pint glasses and T-shirts. Cane Rosso has created a custom PANTERA pizza for the event.

Pantera Golden Ale, 5.4% ABV, is the first beer to bear the PANTERA name.

“We love creating fine ales and enjoy all kinds of music,” says Brent Thompson, founder and brewmaster of Texas Ale Project. “We’re very excited to unite these two passions together under our roof, this time in partnership with the almighty PANTERA. I couldn’t be more pumped about this project.”

PANTERA started its incredible and sometimes over-the-top metal journey just outside of Dallas, delivering its jaw-dropping, intense new sound that changed the path of metal. PANTERA brought a “new level” of excitement and inspiration to the metal genre. Their party reputation was a side of the band they were proud of. They were known to throw back a few beers.

Texas Ale Project, the family and veteran-owned brewery, opened in Dallas in 2014, is known for their passion and ability to handcraft some of the best beers in Texas. Fire Ant Funeral Amber Ale, 50 FT Jackrabbit IPA, and 100 Million Angels Singing Double IPA are all gold medal-winning brews. This year, the brewery also launched a line of new craft hard seltzers under the brand TAPWTR.

Pantera Golden Ale will be crushable with a clean finish and brewed with Cascade and Citra hops. The scheduled release is March 1 (from Dallas) and will be available at fine retailers across Texas as well as through Tavour for direct-to-consumer shipping in the United States. More information on release events and product availability will be published in January.

Pantera Golden Ale by Texas Ale Project. Coming March 2021. pic.twitter.com/jMGQvE9uT1