Home News NIGHTWISH Singer FLOOR JANSEN Releasing ‘Pop’ Single In March

NIGHTWISH Singer FLOOR JANSEN Releasing ‘Pop’ Single In March

NIGHTWISH Singer FLOOR JANSEN Releasing ‘Pop’ Single In March

NIGHTWISH vocalist Floor Jansen says that she plans to release a new single in the coming weeks. And, according to the talented musician, it’s “not metal”.

The 40-year-old Dutch-born singer, who made her live debut with NIGHTWISH a decade ago, spoke about her new solo music during a YouTube livestream earlier today, saying (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “As you know, I’ve been writing music; I’ve been telling you about this for months and months. Thus far, I’ve only been saying, ‘A new song will come. A new song will come.’ And so I’ve been writing. There’s a lot of songs ready, and now there’s actually one song ready to be released. And so the thing I can tell you today is that the first song will come on the 25th of March. So now we can finally count down to a moment where something all new will come.”

Regarding the musical direction of her solo track, Floor said that “it’s a pop song, so it’s not metal, it’s not rock, but it’s definitely me.”

Jansen went on to explain that the track will not necessarily be representative of all the new solo music she has been working on in recent months. “I guess it’s more of a mash-up [of styles] actually,” she said, referring to her upcoming collection of solo material, “though it’s not so extreme as in genres, like all of a sudden it becomes… Here’s a metal song and here’s a rock song and this is more poppy… I mean, pop music — the word of it — [it’s short for] popular music, and it kind of describes a lot, and within that it falls. I can only say that it’s not metal and it’s not rock, but it will have its influences and it will have a part of the sound. It can’t even be so that the first song is how everything else will sound like because, yeah, if you know NIGHTWISH and also for us, it’s always so hard to pick just one song that’s gonna be like the kick-off of an album but it can never really represent everything. And I guess it’s the same for this first song that comes on the 25th of March.”

You can check out the video for yourself below.