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MAMMOTH WVH, the brainchild of former VAN HALEN bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, marked the release of their second album, “II”, with a notable appearance on NBC News’ “Today” show in the early morning of Thursday, August 3rd

The band treated viewers to a dynamic performance, delivering the heartfelt ballad “Waiting” during the 8 a.m. segment and offering up the radio edit of their upcoming single, “I’m Alright,” at 9 a.m. For those interested, the video recordings of both these engaging performances are available below.

Just last week, MAMMOTH WVH unveiled a captivating music video for “I’m Alright.” This visual narrative extends the storyline from their “Another Celebration At The End Of The World” music video, portraying the former members of Wolfgangs — who have now formed their own band, MAMMOTH WWW — embarking on a journey to compete against MAMMOTH WVH in a “Battle Of The Bands.” The unexpected twist occurs when MAMMOTH WWW swipes the song “I’m Alright” from MAMMOTH WVH, resulting in intriguing outcomes.

Wolfgang comments: “‘I’m Alright’ is the single that is coinciding with the album release. The video is really fun continuing the story that was established from ‘Don’t Back Down’ and ‘Another Celebration At The End Of The World’. I think it’s really funny that the lyrics are quite angry but delivered through the lens of sort of a comfy rock song. If there ever was an anthem for myself about standing up for what I believe I should be doing — as opposed to what people expect — this is certainly that song.”

With the release of “Mammoth II,” MAMMOTH WVH has also announced a headline tour for the upcoming fall season. This series of performances follows their successful European tour, which saw them sharing stages with the likes of METALLICA, ALTER BRIDGE, and DEF LEPPARD/MÖTLEY CRÜE.

The headline tour is set to commence on November 4 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and will span until December 9, when the band returns to their hometown of Los Angeles. Notable stops along the route include Chicago, Illinois (November 9), Sayreville, New Jersey (November 17), Dallas, Texas (November 25), and Seattle, Washington (December 3), among others. Joining them as direct support for these headline dates is the talented Nita Strauss. Additionally, MAMMOTH WVH is slated to open for METALLICA during their previously announced U.S. tour dates on November 3 in St. Louis and November 10 in Detroit.

Released on August 4 via BMG, “Mammoth II” is a 10-track album meticulously crafted at the renowned 5150 studio and produced by Wolfgang‘s trusted collaborator, Michael “Elvis” Baskette. Wolfgang, following the tradition of writing and performing all aspects himself, ambitiously expands his sonic horizons on this record.

The album encompasses a diverse range of sounds, from the high-energy opener “Right?” to the evocative, BEATLES-esque fade-out of “Better Than You.” Throughout “Mammoth II,” Wolfgang‘s growth as a songwriter, musician, and especially a vocalist is strikingly evident. Tracks like “Like A Pastime,” “Take A Bow,” and “Waiting” each possess a distinct sonic character, yet remain inherently tied to the creative vision of mastermind Wolfgang Van Halen and the essence of MAMMOTH WVH.