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KILL DEVIL HILL will release their third album, “Seas Of Oblivion”, on September 20

The album’s production, engineering, mixing, and mastering were skillfully handled by the capable engineer Chris Collier.

This LP harmoniously blends the timeless essence of hard rock with subtle elements of metal, effectively forging a connection between the modern and the traditional in the metal genre. In a fashion akin to renowned acts such as SOUNDGARDEN and ALICE IN CHAINS, KILL DEVIL HILL skillfully demonstrates their artistic versatility through this album, embracing a diverse array of styles and boldly pushing boundaries. By consistently defying expectations, they infuse a sense of novelty and anticipation into the experience, ensuring their fans are continually engaged and exhilarated.

KILL DEVIL HILL has already released four singles from “Seas Of Oblivion“, being “Playing With Fire”“Blood In The Water”“You Can’t Kill Me California”, and “Before The Devil Knows”. You can check them out below.

Comments drummer Johnny Kelly: “There was a little bit of a new direction in the songwriting. I’m sure it had to do with the different lineup. I tried to be more song-oriented in my approach to the songs. I think having Chris Collier producing played a big part as well.”

Formed in 2011, KILL DEVIL HILL found its origins through the collaboration of Vinny Appice, the esteemed former drummer of BLACK SABBATH and DIO, and Rex Brown, the accomplished bassist of PANTERA. Over the course of its evolution, the band underwent several shifts in its membership. At present, KILL DEVIL HILL boasts a lineup that includes Johnny Kelly, previously of TYPE O NEGATIVE, on drums; Mark Zavon handling the guitar; Dewey Bragg lending his vocals; and Matt Snell, formerly of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, taking charge of the bass duties.

Vinny, who had a history of performing with iconic bands like BLACK SABBATH, DIO, and HEAVEN & HELL, departed from KILL DEVIL HILL in March 2014.

Back in October 2013, KILL DEVIL HILL launched their second album, titled “Revolution Rise,” through Century Media Records.