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Founding AUTOGRAPH Bassist RANDY RAND Has Passed Away

autograph randy rand, Founding AUTOGRAPH Bassist RANDY RAND Has Passed Away

Randy Rand, the founding bass player from ’80s rockers AUTOGRAPH, has passed away.

Rand remained the last remaining original member of AUTOGRAPH, who just recently signed a deal with Frontiers Music Srl and was in the process of working on a new album.

Earlier today (Tuesday, April 26),AUTOGRAPH issued the following statement: “It is with great sorrow and heavy hearts to announce the unexpected passing of our cherished friend and founding member of AUTOGRAPH, Randy Rand.

“At the time of death, Randy was surrounded by his beautiful and infinite love, Regina Rand and family.

“Although beyond devastated, we find some comfort and solace knowing the last couple of years have been some of his happiest as an artist and as a performer. Randy was the consummate optimist and was so excited to see the new direction, creativity and renewed energy with the band. You could feel his excitement- as it was quite palpable with his playing abilities, performances and the way he interacted with his beloved fans.

“As many of you know, Randy arrived in the late 70s Sunset Strip music scene and was an accomplished musician and seasoned studio musician when he rose to prominence as an original member of AUTOGRAPH. Fast forward 40 years, our brother was still making an impact in the music arena with his charismatic stage presence, musical contributions, most notably, with our new album release and collaboration with Frontiers.

“Regrettably, there is only one Randy- a fabulous bassist band mate, brother, and human being. Collectively in the last couple of years with this formation, we spent numerous hours that turned into something magical while creating an unbreakable bond few bands are fortunate enough to ever experience. We had that…and with that, we will continue to honor Randy Rand, as he would want us to and honor our musical commitments and keep his legacy alive.

“At this time…we ask that you respect our privacy and we thank you for the continued love, support and light that all of you have shown him and us as we navigate these sad days ahead of us.”

AUTOGRAPH, whose massive hit “Turn Up The Radio” was blasted on stereos and car decks all throughout the ’80s, broke up in 1989, but “reunited” in 2011, with founding members Rand and guitarist Steve Lynch meeting up at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California.

Rand said that during his long-lived career, he had only loved playing with two drummers; one is the great late Randy Castillo, and then there was AUTOGRAPH’s new drummer Marc Wieland. As Rand put it, “We’re heavier than before. At the same time, the melodic vocals and catchy hooks are still an integral part of our sound.”

In 2019, Lynch walked away from the band but was replaced by guitarist Jimi Bell (HOUSE OF LORDS, MAXX EXPLOSION).

AUTOGRAPH has released seminal albums such as “Sign In Please” (1984),”That’s The Stuff” (1985) and “Loud And Clear” (1987).