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Former EXODUS Singer ROB DUKES’s Band GENERATION KILL Drop ‘Never Relent’ Feat. GARY HOLT

rob dukes generation kill, Former EXODUS Singer ROB DUKES’s Band GENERATION KILL Drop ‘Never Relent’ Feat. GARY HOLT

GENERATION KILL, the band featuring former EXODUS frontman Rob Dukes, has released a new song called “Never Relent”. The track, which features a guest appearance by Gary Holt of EXODUS and SLAYER fame, contains breakneck speed, dizzying guitar solos and uncompromising vocals. The medieval wartime theme of the visual accompaniment is a gruesomely appropriate fit for the brutal single. Thrash buffs should also note that “Never Relent” is the first recorded collaboration between Dukes and Holt since Rob’s departure from EXODUS in 2014.

Speaking about the song, Dukes shares: “I’m really proud of ‘Never Relent’. I was inspired to write the lyrics after reading about certain tyrannical leaders in history like Vlad The Impaler and Genghis Khan. It turned out to be one of the most brutal tracks on the album, which is why it made sense to have Gary play on it with us.”

Holt added: “I’m super fired up to have been able to contribute a solo to the new GENERATION KILL song ‘Never Relent’! The song is ripping on its own; to be able to contribute a solo to it was super kick-ass! Crushing song! Check it out ASAP!”

Furthermore, fans can also look forward to GENERATION KILL’s third album “MK-Ultra”, set to be released in late summer 2021.

GENERATION KILL was formed by Dukes in New York City in 2008. Rob, on hiatus from touring with EXODUS, wanted to funnel his excess creative energy and aggression into something new. After the inclusion of Jason Trenczer, Lou Lehman and Sam Inzerra, the band began writing and recording its first album, “Red, White, & Blood”, featuring several singles, including “Feast For The Wolves” and “Hate” as well as a cover of the NINE INCH NAILS track “Wish” which enjoyed heavy radio rotation.

Due to creative differences with Inzerra and the untimely death of guitarist Lou Lehman, Jay Velez and Jim DeMaria (HEATHEN) joined and began recording GENERATION KILL’s sophomore album, “We’re All Gonna Die”, with renowned producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris (ROB ZOMBIE, HATEBREED). Shortly after its release, the band embarked on a European tour with fellow EXODUS member Lee Altus’s band HEATHEN. The album spawned several successful singles, including “Prophets Of War” which went to No. 1 on SiriusXM Liquid Metal’s “Dirty Dozen” and remained one of the top requested songs on the channel.

Following the success of “We’re All Gonna Die”, drummer Rob Youells joined GENERATION KILL and they went into the studio, this time with ex-GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal to record an album with a founding member of RUN-D.M.C., Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels. The project was initially titled DMC GENERATION KILL before becoming its own entity, later renamed FRAGILE MORTALS.

Currently, GENERATION KILL is recording “MK-Ultra”, teaming up once again with Zeuss, Youells returning on the drums and with a new member, Max Velez, on bass.