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ENSLAVED Forced To Cancel European/UK Tour Dates

enslaved tour, ENSLAVED Forced To Cancel European/UK Tour Dates

ENSLAVED have had to cancel their upcoming European/UK tour plans with INTRONAUT, OBSIDIAN KINGDOM and CROWN for this winter.

The run of dates was set to commence in February and run through March of this year.

ENSLAVED released the following statement: “What many of you, and we ourselves, have feared – is now a reality. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation and Covid restrictions across the European continent, we are unfortunately forced to cancel our upcoming Utgard Tour with our friends in Intronaut, Obsidian Kingdom and Crown.

We have sadly come to the point where we have exhausted all options to make it work. All tickets can be refunded at your point of purchase. We are of course working hard to find an alternative period to come back – so we can finally play some new songs for you all at the festivals we are part of this year! It has been too long! We can already promise you set lists made up of new and old, familiar and perhaps not so familiar songs. Like you have seen throughout this period; Enslaved is ever forging forward! Stay tuned and hopefully see you this summer!”