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DEICIDE have announced a new partnership with Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) for their upcoming, 13th full-length album, “Banished By Sin”

The influential band has finished recording the LP and is in the process of adding the final touches to the new slab of brutality, with a release date to be announced. This marks the first time recording with their new guitar player, Taylor Nordberg, who joined the band last year.

DEICIDE‘s Glen Benton states: “With great pleasure and after several years of debate and consideration, I wish to announce the signing of a historic one album deal with the newly formed RPM for the development and marketing of the newest DEICIDE album, ‘Banished By Sin’. We look forward to working with all the talented hand-picked individuals that create RPM music and adding our latest accompaniment to the DEICIDE catalog.”

RPM‘s Gerardo Martinez comments: “We would like to welcome The Satan Spawns DEICIDE to RPM, and we cannot wait to release the very fitting new 13th chapter of their very successful and historied career! Many of us grew up in the original early death metal years and DEICIDE was in many people’s soundtracks. As for me, I ended up in the principal’s office in high school, for wearing the original ‘Legion’ shirt as the back print was dangerous and controversial. Let’s bring some of that back!”

Founded in 2023, Reigning Phoenix Music is truly the 100% independently owned vision of music industry professional Gerardo Martinez, and avionics and tech entrepreneur Sven Bogner. The blueprint is to continue to help heavy metal, extreme, hard, and heavy music thrive by partnering with an array of well-established acts, new talent, and iconic artists, by offering best services and practices in the industry. But most important is to help the artists amplify their art and talent to a winning formula for success.

DEICIDE formed in 1987 in Tampa, Florida. The band’s name is derived from the term “deicide,” which refers to the act of killing a god or the killing of a divine being. This name choice sets the tone for their aggressive and blasphemous lyrical themes, which have become a defining characteristic of their music.

The original lineup consisted of Glen Benton (vocals and bass), Brian and Eric Hoffman (guitars), and Steve Asheim (drums). They quickly gained attention in the underground metal scene with their demo tapes and intense live performances, which showcased their unique blend of brutal musicianship and provocative lyrics.

In 1990, DEICIDE signed with Roadrunner Records and released their self-titled debut album, “Deicide.” The album was met with critical acclaim and solidified their status as one of the pioneers of the death metal genre. Their music was characterized by lightning-fast guitar riffs, relentless blast beats, and Benton‘s distinctive growling vocals.

Over the years, DEICIDE continued to release a series of successful and controversial albums, including “Legion” (1992), “Once Upon the Cross” (1995), and “Serpents of the Light” (1997).

Throughout their career, DEICIDE faced numerous lineup changes, with Glen Benton being the only constant member and main driving force of the band. The ever-changing roster didn’t stop them from releasing albums and touring extensively, ensuring their presence in the global metal scene.

Despite facing criticism and accusations of promoting violence and sacrilege, the band continued to maintain a dedicated fanbase and remained an influential force in the death metal community. They earned a reputation for their intense live shows and uncompromising approach to their music and message.

As the band continued to evolve, they experimented with their sound, incorporating elements of black metal and thrash metal into their later releases. Albums like “The Stench of Redemption” (2006) and “In the Minds of Evil” (2013) received positive reviews from both fans and critics.

Over the years, DEICIDE has weathered controversies, lineup changes, and shifts in the music industry but has consistently delivered a fierce and unapologetic brand of death metal. They have left a lasting impact on the metal genre and continue to be a prominent figure in the extreme metal community.