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WOLFGANG VAN HALEN: “The Fat Jokes Are Getting Old”

wolfgang van halen, WOLFGANG VAN HALEN: “The Fat Jokes Are Getting Old”

Wolfgang Van Halen seems to get a bit of flack from certain individuals who seem to think that since they have access to a Twitter account, they have the right to blatantly insult musicians on their parentage or body weight or whatever.

Earlier today, the VAN HALEN bassist tweeted, “Just vacuumed my living room and couch cushions like I’m some kind of adult or something”, to which a Twitter user responded: “Who cares, your just a nepotism freak.”

This led to the 29-year-old replying: “You’re**. Insult me with proper grammar please. Your mother would be very disappointed.”

Wolfgang then added: “Also, while we’re on the topic… Can ANYONE come up with some kind of insult that doesn’t involve nepotism/living in the shadow/fat jokes? I feel like that horse has been dead for quite some time. I’m starting to feel like the people who hate me aren’t very creative”.

Wolfgang, who is the son of VAN HALEN guitarist Eddie Van Halen, joined the band in 2007 at the age of 16, replacing original bassist Michael Anthony.  This of course caused a certain outcry from die-hard fans that the kid just walked into the gig of being the bass player for one of the greatest bands in the world because of his father, guitarist EDDIE VAN HALEN.

I may agree to a certain extent with the frustration fans would feel not having Michael resume his rightful spot within the band, however attacking a dude’s body weight ain’t the right way to go about expressing said anger.  It’s just lazy and spiteful in my opinion.

It’s not like he’s the first kid to follow in his father’s footsteps either.  It happens all the time in almost every profession.

His dad just happens to be Eddie Van Halen.