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WOLFGANG VAN HALEN: “I’m Not F**ckin’ Playing ‘Panama’ For You Guys”

WOLFGANG VAN HALEN: “I’m Not F**ckin’ Playing ‘Panama’ For You Guys”

Wolfgang Van Halen has once again made it clear that he has no intention of playing VAN HALEN cover songs in MAMMOTH WVH.

The MAMMOTH WVH frontman shared a tweet he received, which requested Wolf to honor his late father with a live cover, with the author suggesting that the time was right as Wolfgang had “already shown you can stand on your own.” Captioning the conversation, “Y’all are never gonna fuckin stop are ya?” He also included his response which was, “I honor my dad by existing and doing what I do every day. I’m not fuckin’ playing ‘Panama’ for you guys.”

Wolf would later add to the conversation, reflecting on the conflicting messages he’s gotten over the years where it came to playing his father’s music. “Plays in band with Dad,” stated Van Halen, then showing the fan response, “That spoiled brat is just riding his daddy’s coattails.” He then added, “Plays in own band without covering VH,” before concluding, “Yo, why isn’t he riding his daddy’s coattails??”

His initial comment however did lead to a pretty cool idea, later suggesting, “Lol, I should get a shirt that says ‘I’m not fuckin’ playing Panama for you guys.'”

Since Eddie Van Halen’s death, Wolfgang has consistently shot down rumors of fronting VAN HALEN and has been staunch in not covering their music. He told People magazine in June, “It’s very freeing to start this path now, rather than doing what everybody would expect me to do, to get out there and just play covers of Van Halen songs. I don’t think I’d ever want to do that. Ever.”

Y’all are never gonna fuckin stop are ya pic.twitter.com/dCmKSTMgK3