LORNA SHORE vocaslist Will Ramos has delivered a brilliant vocal cover of one of SLEEP TOKEN’s latest tracks

Will Ramos, the powerful vocalist fronting New Jersey deathcore group LORNA SHORE, hasd delivered yet another powerful vocal cover in the form of the SLEEP TOKEN track “Chokehold“.

Usually, the thought of a vocal adaption by Ramos would bring to mind powerful gutturals and high pitched death grunts, however the latest video shows Will’s incredible vocal abilities stretch further than just straity up brutality.

With “Chokehold“, Ramos delivers a soaring, yet haunting adaption of the SLEEP TOKEN track which shifts between calming tones and savage delivery. You can check it out below.

It’s also not the first time that Will has covered SLEEP TOKEN either, having taken on “Hypnosis” from the band’s 2021 album “This Place Will Become Your Tomb“. You can check that one out below as well.

SLEEP TOKEN are set to release their new album, “Take Me Back To Eden“, which features “Chokehold“, on May 19 via Spinefarm.

If you listen to deathcore or heavy music in general, you have undoubtedly heard LORNA SHORE vocalist Will Ramos. Or at least heard of him. His pulverizing vocal delivery has set a brutal new bar for deathcore and continues to smash through speakers with decibel shattering aggression. So who exactly is this guy and where did he come from?

Will is currently 30 years old. He was born on December 28th, 1992, in New York City and is an American vocalist known for his aggressive and versatile vocal style, which he has honed over years of practice and performance.

Will Ramos got started as a vocalist at a young age. The son of a Puerto Rican couple, Will grew up in New Jersey, and has three older half-sisters. In elementary school he tried his hand at violin and cello , and later on saxophone. As a child, Ramos was even then drawn to heavy music, and he began playing guitar when he was 13. It wasn’t until he was 16, however, that he discovered his talent for screaming. After being introduced to such bands as BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and LAMB OF GOD by his friends, Will began singing and screaming in the shower to develop his own style of brutal, guttural vocals.

Over the years, Ramos has become known for his powerful and dynamic vocal performances. He is capable of delivering everything from guttural lows to piercing highs, and he often incorporates a wide range of vocal techniques into his performances. He has cited a number of influences on his singing style, including Phil Bozeman of WHITECHAPELCJ McMahon of THY ART IS MURDER, and Dickie Allen of INFANT ANNIHILATOR.

Since joining LORNA SHORE, Will has become known for his commanding stage presence and incredible vocal performances. He has helped the band to continue their rise to prominence within the deathcore scene, and he has won over fans with his dedication and passion for the music.

One of Ramos’ most notable live performances with LORNA SHORE was their set at the 2021 Summer Slaughter tour, which marked his debut as the band’s new vocalist. The show was highly anticipated, and Ramos delivered a stunning performance that showcased his vocal range and dynamic stage presence. Fans were blown away by his crushing delivery, and it solidified his place as the band’s new frontman.

Some of the standout LORNA SHORE tracks featuring Ramos’ vocals include “To the Hellfire“, “Of the Abyss“, and “And I Return to Nothingness“. These songs showcase his ability to seamlessly transition between different vocal styles, from guttural growls to soaring cleans.