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We’re Getting A New MESHUGGAH Album!

We’ve got some good news and some bad news when it comes to MESHUGGAH.

Let’s get the bad over with…

MESHUGGAH has canceled its plans to reschedule the band’s 2020 festival appearances for next year.

Initially the band were hoping to play the same festivals in 2021 that ended up being canceled this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Well now it seems scheduling conflicts have forced them to scrap the shows altogether.

Earlier today, MESHUGGAH issued the following statement via social media: “As previously communicated our intent was to keep our commitment to all festivals and shows planned for summer 2020, that couldn’t take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, by re-confirming them for the same dates in summer 2021. Full Force Festival is one of these festivals that has already been re-confirmed and re-announced. However, after seeing some of the other festivals move to completely different weekends in 2021, we eventually found it impossible to go ahead with the tour next summer due to logistical reasons. Which also means that MESHUGGAH have to cancel their planned appearance at Full Force 2021.

Ok well now here’s the good news…

The band’s statement continues: “Another influential part of the decision to not tour in summer 2021 is that Covid-19 restrictions have also affected MESHUGGAH’s progress with a new studio album, to a point where we now see the need to keep summer 2021 clear to put finishing touches to the album.

“MESHUGGAH and their management would like to apologize to all fans and promoters being affected by this.

“Some good news is to be found in here though: there is a new MESHUGGAH album coming…”

So that’s pretty bad ass right?  New MESHUGGAH in 2021?!

MESHUGGAH’s last disc, “The Violent Sleep Of Reason”, came out in 2016 and resulted in a “Best Metal Performance” Grammy nomination for the song “Clockworks”.

Here’s that post…