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VIDEO: BODY COUNT Drop The Official Video For ‘Thee Critical Beatdown’

bodycount thee critical beatdown, VIDEO: BODY COUNT Drop The Official Video For ‘Thee Critical Beatdown’

BODY COUNT just dropped their new music video for the song “Thee Critical Beatdown”, and it’s animated!  The animation work was done by Tommy The Animator, who also created a music video for the song “The Ski Mask Way” from BODY COUNT’s 2017 album “Bloodlust”.  You can watch the video above this article.  It’s literally right there.

ICE-T (who fronts the band as I’m sure you know but in the small chance that you don’t, yeah…it’s THAT ICE-T.  The one your parents watch on reruns of Law & Order SVU.  He also has been known to be a hip-hop artist from time to time) said the following about “Thee Critical Beatdown” (via Metal Hammer): “That one’s a basic BODY COUNT grindhouse-style stupid fun song. You talk a lot of shit; now it’s time to back it up. It’s really me yelling at somebody on the Internet. So it’s kind of like ‘Talk Shit, Get Shot’ from [2014’s] ‘Manslaughter’. I’m calling someone out who sends pussy texts talking mad shit but don’t want to meet. It’s like, it’s time. Let’s get it on. It has no politics. It’s just a good old rumble fight song.”

“Thee Critical Beatdown” is taken from BODY COUNT’s seventh studio LP, “Carnivore”, which was released in March via Century Media. BODY COUNT’s second album for Century Media continues the path of its uncompromising and critically acclaimed predecessors, “Bloodlust” and “Manslaugther”, in pairing ICE-T’s impassioned and socio-critical lyrics with thick guitar riffs and nods to metal and hardcore greats like SLAYER, METALLICA, PANTERA, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Bangers like “Thee Critical Beatdown”, “The Hate Is Real” and the title track will please old-school BODY COUNT fans, while “Colors” is a killer metal version of Ice-T’s 1988 hit single of the same name. With MOTÖRHEAD’s classic “Ace Of Spades”, BODY COUNT is again paying tribute to one of its major musical influences. “When I’m Gone” shows a new side of BODY COUNT and features guest vocals by Amy Lee (EVANESCENCE). Other guest musicians include Dave Lombardo (ex-SLAYER), Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and Riley Gale (POWER TRIP).

So if ya haven’t already, check the video above.