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Iconic rock frontman Billy Idol was honored with the 2,743rd star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on Friday (January 6)

The first star of the new year was dedicated at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard in front of Amoeba Music and saw Idol joined by emcee Lupita Sanchez Cornejo, artist Shepard Fairey and rocker Henry Rollins at the ceremony.

You can check out video of the ceremony, courtesy of Variety, below.

“You are the best. Quite simply, I’m here today because of you, because of your love,” Billy said upon having his star revealed. “You supported me all this time. Forty-seven years now I’ve been doing this.”

He added: “It really is crazy to find myself getting an award like this or being honored in this way. I mean, 47 years of doing this after I started in GENERATION X, and 35 years after coming here, I just really could never have imagined anything like this.

“Initially we did the music back in the mid-’70s during the punk-rock time. There wasn’t much hope or anything. We decided if there’s nothing, there’s no future, we’re going to do what we love. And that’s what I did. I did the music because I loved it. It wasn’t for any other reason, really. Anyway, I didn’t really think doing this would last very long. We thought maybe six months, maybe a year, maybe two years. I could never have imagined something like this. It’s just incredible.”

Idol’s star is the 2,743rd since the completion of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame back in 1961.

The unveiling ceremony was originally scheduled to take place Thursday (January 5) but was delayed following a forecast of torrential rains expected.