tommy lee, Turns Out TOMMY LEE Isn’t Such An Ass**le

MOTLEY CRUE drummer Tommy Lee caused quite the controversy back in June of 2012 when he dropped an open letter to fans complaining about them asking to take pictures with him. This obviously caused a huge backlash on the MOTLEY CRUE drummer as he was bombarded with negative comments from fans worldwide via social media platforms.

Tommy went on to explain what inspired the rant in hopes of slowing down the barrage of criticism that was being bombarded upon him at the time.

The one point which sparked the most revolt toward the MOTLEY CRUE drummer in his rant was the line: “What I have a problem with is… taking pictures! I hate it! Irritates the f*** out of me when people say… ‘You owe it to your fans, they put you where you are, etc. etc.!’ I certainly don’t owe anybody anything!”

Lee went on to explain the incident which inspired those words in a talk with FuseTV, saying: “My mother passed away recently. I was picking up her ashes to take them home with me to do a service for my mother. And so I’m at the mortuary, I’ve got my mom’s ashes in my right hand, and my girlfriend, I’m holding her hand with my left hand, and we’re walking out. And the F***ing lady, the receptionist, goes, ‘Oh my god, can I take a picture with you?’ And I looked and her and went [takes a deep breath], ‘I’m sorry, but I’d rather not.'”

But it gets worse; instead of being respectful, the woman pushes the issue. Lee explains, “Then she was like, ‘Are you sure?’ And I couldn’t even believe it—she asked me if I was sure. I’m F***ing standing there with my mom’s ashes and it’s not the F***ing happiest day on the planet for me. I couldn’t believe it. I go, ‘Okay, that’s officially the most F***ed up thing that has ever happened to me.’ I called the manager and said, ‘You’re not going to believe what just happened. I don’t expect you to fire her or anything like that, but that was the most disrespectful bulls*** I’ve ever experienced in my life.’

So, as it turns out, Tommy Lee may not be such an asshole after all.