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Turns Out Michael Bublé Is A Huge DEFTONES Fan

michael buble is a deftones fan, Turns Out Michael Bublé Is A Huge DEFTONES Fan

As it turns out, Canadian traditional pop crooner Michael Bublé is a pretty big DEFTONES fan.

The singer, known for giving us some of our favorite Christmas classics as well as a vast array of pop and jazz favorites, made his love for the Chino Moreno led band known via a recent story post on his Instagram account. The singer showed off some DEFTONES merch and said that he digs the band’s latest studio album ‘Ohms’.

DEFTONES subsequently shared the Story on their own Instagram, as did the group’s bassist, Sergio Vega, via his personal page. From there, other fans lit up Reddit and Twitter with word of Bublé’s Deftones fandom.

The vocalist’s Instagram story showed him jumping in the air while wearing one of the exclusive Deftones hoodies made for the new Ohms album. In the Story, he also tagged the record’s title track, as Metal Hammer pointed out, and offered some encouraging words for the group.

“Thank you @deftones for the swag!” Bublé enthused. “I’m absolutely loving your new record Ohms!”

Turns out though, it’s not the first time that Bublé has displayed his love for the band.  The singer previously praised DEFTONES’ work when their preceding album, 2016’s ‘Gore’, came out.

michael Buble listening to Deftones im here for it pic.twitter.com/mUppjl6euK