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There’s A New TENACIOUS D Album On The Way

new tenacious d album, There’s A New TENACIOUS D Album On The Way

It appears that TENACIOUS D is working on a follow-up to their 2018 studio album “Post-Apocalypto“.

In a new interview with Carlota of Audacy Check In, TENACIOUS D‘s Jack Black revealed that the duo is currently working on new material. Black went on to say that he can’t reveal too much about the new album due to the new material being “too powerful”. The actor/frontman did however reveal that TENACIOUS D are hitting all the “power spots on the planet” for the record’s creation.

Jack said: “We got another record we’re making, but we can’t really talk about it because it’s too powerful. We’ve been going on writer’s retreats… yeah, we went to Joshua Tree to kick out the jams and make the magic happen in the desert. We got a lot of good jams in the back pocket now. But we’re gonna need a couple more retreats, we’re gonna go up to Big Sur because that’s a power spot. I think we’re gonna go to all the power spots on the planet where the chakras are most enhanced… whatever it takes.”

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The latest release from TENACIOUS D was their medley of songs by THE WHO which includes “Pinball Wizard,” “There’s A Doctor,” and “Go To The Mirror!” The medley is available on all streaming services and on 7″ vinyl. The 7″ ships in the fall with all proceeds from sales going toward the ‘Everytown For Gun Safety‘ charity.

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