lorna shore,fit for an autopsy,will ramos,lorna shore will ramos,will ramos lorna shore,fit for an autopsy joe badolato,titans of metal, The Vocalists From LORNA SHORE, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY And More Are Working Together On A New Project

It appears that a group of metal vocalists are currently working together at Sweetwater Studios in Fort Wayne Indiana on a project called Titans Of Metal

ATTILA frontman Chris Fronzak has been teasing the project as of late, which will apparently see him and several notable musicians from the metalcore/deathcore genres involved.

Those participating in the project are FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY’s Joe Badolato, LEFT TO SUFFER’s Taylor Barber, INFANT ANNIHILATOR‘s Dickie Allen and TRAITORS‘ Tyler Shelton.

Fronzak also notes that LORNA SHORE vocalist Will Ramos will soon be taking part in those sessions as well.

Below you can find some shots and footage from the sessions thus far, which have been taking place at Sweetwater Studios.

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