the pretty reckless loud love, THE PRETTY RECKLESS Cover SOUNDGARDEN’s ‘Loud Love’

THE PRETTY RECKLESS have dropped a pretty cool cover of the SOUNDGARDEN classic “Loud Love” which you can hear just below this article.

THE PRETTY RECKLESS frontwoman Taylor Momsen spoke to “Offstage With DWP” about the influence of SOUNDGARDEN on her career  in music career and approach to songwriting. She said: “Their level of artistry and songwriting and musicianship is so above what I can even comprehend. It’s so intricate, it’s so detailed, it’s so good and it’s so smart that it takes a minute to understand SOUNDGARDEN. They’re catchy, and everyone’s heart the hits, but when you really investigate SOUNDGARDEN and get into it, it’s like a religion — it’s so in-depth and it’s just superior to so much music that’s out there.

“I’ve based my whole career and identity off of THE BEATLES and SOUNDGARDEN. They’re two bands that I put next to each other, and I know that might sound crazy to some people. But they’re so important. There’s very few bands, I think, that needed to exist, and SOUNDGARDEN is one of those bands that there’d be a hole in the music world without their records.”

Just days after Cornell’s passing, Momsen, whose band was the opening act for SOUNDGARDEN’s spring 2017 run of dates, paid tribute to the legendary singer by performing a cover of AUDIOSLAVE’s “Like A Stone” at the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio.

SOUNDGARDEN’s Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron guest on THE PRETTY RECKLESS’s upcoming album, “Death By Rock And Roll”, which will be released in early 2021. The song with Cameron and Thayil, called “Only Love Can Save Me Now”, was recorded at Seattle’s legendary London Bridge Studios, where seminal LPs like PEARL JAM’s “Ten” and SOUNDGARDEN’s “Louder Than Love” were laid down.

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